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Zelda no Densetsu: Majora no Kamen

ゼルダの伝説 ムジュラの仮面


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VC, WiiU

Release Dates

10/25/00 Nintendo
04/27/00 Nintendo
11/17/00 Nintendo

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How to get past the Gerudo Pirates

This requires Human Link and the Stone Mask.

If you do not have the Stone Mask, the whole process of getting past through the pirates will be hard and you might have to start all over to get back on your task. Don't give up just yet. To obtain the Stone Mask, there's a unseen Soldier in the Canyon surrounded by rocks. You will need to use the Eye of Truth. Give him a Red Potion or Blue Potion to restore his strength. Milk does not count for whatever reason. After he thanks you, he will give you the Stone Mask. Wearing this mask will make you invisible to most enemies. Certain enemies can detect you and hurt you (ie. Minibosses and Bosses). However... the Gerudo Leader will also detect you (while attempting to get the Hook Shot in that room but you will get thrown out instead).

The Stone Mask will help a lot if you don't wish to be caught so easily. For one, the Gerudo Pirates will be walking around with their halberds, and even when you get close to them with the Stone Mask on, you can slash them with your sword. They will see you but will not throw you out. However, the Gerudo Elites are not fooled by the mask you are wearing. You will be fighting against them. Beat them and get the Zora Eggs in the next room.

The rest of the Zora Eggs are hiding someplace else in the ocean if you're wondering.

Good luck on your adventure.

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3,360,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2003

Opinion (85)

TheDelBel posted 16/11/2019, 04:47
One of my favorite Zelda games.
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Azhraell posted 17/08/2015, 02:47
Also, kind of sad it didn't sell better, definitely deserved at the very lest 5M lifetime
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Azhraell posted 17/08/2015, 02:45
This game was amazing. I recall that as a kid I couldn't play it because a lot of stuff scared me unlike Ocarina (8 years old or so), never finished the game because of that but I'm glad I did it when I was approximately 13. Hopefully I can pick up the remake on 3ds soon
Message | Report
Ryng posted 15/03/2015, 02:30
My favourite Zelda game's. :D
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ExplodingBlock posted 10/11/2014, 04:55
Crap villager picked this up just days before the remake confirmed!
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ExplodingBlock posted 05/11/2014, 05:55
Villager recently picked this up much fun!
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