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Just complete the missions to unlock the corresponding planes, easy enough.

Good luck getting them all. :)

A6M2 ZeroBeat Pearl Harbor: Suprise Attack
A6M2-N RufeBeat Coral Sea: Torpedo Practice
B-25G MitchellBeat Iwo Jima: Kamikazes
B-26B MarauderBeat Guadalcanal: Strike
B5M1KateBeat Pearl Harbor: Suprise Attack
B6N1 JillBeat Gilbert Islands: Million Men
D3A1 ValBeat Wake: Evacuate Admiral
D4Y2 JudyBeat Philippines: Samar Sea
F1M PeteBeat Wake: Combat Air Patrol
F4F-3 WildcatBeat Wake: Combat Air Patrol
F4U-1 CorsairBeat Wake: Evacuate Admiral
F6F-3 HellcatBeat Marianas: Usurper
F8F BearcatBeat Iwo Jima: Landing
G4M2 BettyBeat Wake: Wake Up
H8K EmilyBeat Guadalcanal: Tokyo Express
J7M2 JackBeat Marshall Islands: Rescue Pilots
J7W ShindenBeat Iwo Jima: Raise the Flag
Ki-102A RandyBeat Gilbert Islands: Recon
Ki-61-1A TonyBeat Guadalcanal: Strike
Ki-84-1A FrankBeat Marianas: Revenge
Me262Beat Philippines: Steal Prototype
P-38D LightningBeat Midway: Mikuma
PBY-5 CatalinaBeat Coral Sea: Scratch One Flat Top
SBD-2 DauntlessBeat Coral Sea: Torpedo Practice
TBD-1 DevestatorBeat Marshall Islands: Rescue Pilots
TBF-1 AvengerBeat Midway: Defend Midway
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