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America - Front

America - Back

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04/30/97 Namco
12/03/96 Namco
06/01/97 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Various Cheats and Hints
Rotate logo
Keep the cursor in the logo painting area and hold [L1] + [R1] + D-Pad to rotate and flip your logo.

Rear view mirror
Pause the game and press [Triangle] + [L1] or [Triangle] + [R1] to remove the rear view mirror. Repeat the code to restore the mirror.

Alter track view
Press [L1] and [R1] while in the track select screen to spin the car and track faster or slower.

Alter car view
Press [L2] and [R2] to while in the car select screen to steer the front wheels.

Unlimited money
Complete the Normal GP mode game (all classes) and allow the credits to complete. Save the game in a new slot. Play Extra GP mode, class 1, and select the only car available. Select the "Race Start" option and press [Start] during the countdown prior to the start of the race. Select the "Retire" option to quit without using an attempt. Enter Normal GP mode again, and select class 1 for unlimited money.

Additional paint colors
While painting your logo, move the pointer out of the painting area. Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Select]. Additional boxes labeled R, G, and B will appear on the right side of the painting area. The numbers represent the amount of that hue (red, green, or blue) for the specific color on which the cursor is resting. Press [Left] or [Right] and [R1] + [Up] or [R1] + [Down] to change colors. Repeatedly tap [Select] when the RGB boxes are on the screen to display the guide markers in the painting area.

Paint zoom
Move the cursor onto the painting area and press [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Select]. A targeting cross-hair will appear in the smaller picture view area.

Reversed tracks
Select the "Race Start" option and hold [L1] + [R1] + [Select] + [Start] until the race begins. The track will be a mirror image of the originally selected track.
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StreaK posted 21/11/2015, 04:57
Nah, 2nd best of the series. R4 was the BEST!
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mjk45 posted 05/05/2009, 06:51
my favourite of the series
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