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America - Front

America - Back

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Alternative Names

バトルフィールド: バッドカンパニー


EA Digital Illusions CE



Other Versions

All, PS3, XBL

Release Dates

06/23/08 Electronic Arts
06/26/08 Electronic Arts
06/27/08 Electronic Arts

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Owners: 142
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Gold Crate help

ok this isnt really a secret but if you dont know yet the game has a little puzzle kind of thing well any way when ever you see the the Acta Non Verba symbol on an un-breakable piece of metal (as seen in mission NO.2 ACTA NON VERBA) scale the area for gold crates like if its leaning on a house its normally in that house (just like in GEARS OF WAR) also there is only one crate that is outside that i know of that is outside i cant remember the levels name but its the one where the bridge gets blown up when you get near it and have to cross it by foot on the side check out some FAQS to figure out

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 14,303 200,027 60,831 48,406 323,567
2 3,061 72,954 44,370 21,502 141,887
3 2,105 40,863 25,532 12,166 80,666
4 1,779 30,831 15,764 8,571 56,945
5 1,684 20,329 12,244 5,978 40,235
6 1,349 15,889 11,646 5,036 33,920
7 2,327 10,303 10,196 3,741 26,567
8 1,711 7,099 9,798 3,063 21,671
9 1,284 5,895 10,946 3,031 21,156
10 1,079 6,239 7,942 2,571 17,831

Opinion (41)

goldeneye0065r posted 03/01/2012, 09:18
hate this game not even fun when you played at least 100 fpses of your whole 225 library youll understand why to
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quarashi posted 16/09/2009, 10:34
Loved the single player. Started playing multiplayer. Got pretty frustrated the first two time I played it but now I have finally eased into it. I was seriously about to think my 20 bucks was wasted but not anymore.
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danno_omen posted 29/03/2009, 12:10

i thought it was a great single player,it was pretty easy thanks to the way it was setup if u die,whatever u killed is still dead,but other then that,it was pretty creative and a good solid campaign
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jmcraddock posted 27/03/2009, 11:57
good single player? single player was horrible, i just did it for the easy achievments. Online was really good though
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danno_omen posted 12/01/2009, 03:06
good to see this hit 1 million.Its a solid game with a great single player and decent multi.For awhile i didnt think it would make a million
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Barozi posted 26/11/2008, 01:53
1 million owners could enjoy a very good singel and online experience. Looking forward to its sequel :)
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