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America - Front

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Alternative Names

スター・ウォーズ フォース・アンリーシュド


Krome Studios



Other Versions

All, DS, PS2, PS3, PSN, PSP, X360

Release Dates

09/16/08 LucasArts
10/09/08 Activision
09/19/08 LucasArts

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Wishlist: 6
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Cheats can be entered at the Rogue Shadow in Extras

CORTOSISGrants the Apprentice Invincibility
LIGHTSABERStrengthens your Lightsaber
VERGENCEUnlimited Force power
SPEEDER1,000,000 Force Points
TYRANUSAll Force Powers available
KATARNMaximum Force level
COUNTDOOKUMaximum Combo level
GRANDMOFFUnlocks Most Costumes
DANTOOINECeremonial Jedi Robe Costume
WOOKIEEKento's Robe Costume
LEGION501st Stormtrooper Costume
KORRIBANSith Stalker Costume
AAYLAAayla Secura Costume
CHOSENONEAnakin Skywalker Costume
HOLOCRONSith Robe Costume
ITSATWAPAdmiral Ackbar Costume
NOTIMOChop'aa Notimo Costume
ACOLYTEAsajj Ventress Costume
SERENNOCount Dooku Costume
ZABRAKDarth Maul Costume
TK421Classic Stormtropper Costume
HIDDENFEARDarth Phobos Costume
DREXLROOSHDrexl Roosh Costume
PAUANDarth Desolous Costume
SITHLORDDarth Vader Costume
MARAJADEMara Jade Costume
T16WOMPRATLuke Skywalker Costume
KLEEFKleef Costume
PALPATINEEmperor Palpatine Costume
MANDALOREGeneral Rahm Kota Costume
ECLIPSEJuno Eclipse Costume
SCOUNDRELLando Calrissian Costume
SHOCKTROOPHeavy Trooper Costume
JEDIMASTERMace Windu Costume
YELLOWJCKTYavin Luke Costume
BENKENOBIObi Wan Kenobi Costume
MAVERICKQui Gon Jinn Costume
INTHEDARKShadowtrooper Costume
SECURATwi'lek Costume
STORMTROOPNavy Commando Costume
TOGRUTAShaak Ti Costume
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 146,067 81,600 39,061 266,728
2 n/a 47,263 55,220 17,330 119,813
3 n/a 33,639 48,893 13,895 96,427
4 854 26,044 22,857 8,898 58,653
5 302 21,561 17,383 7,094 46,340
6 233 18,994 14,707 6,143 40,077
7 190 17,479 11,809 5,352 34,830
8 154 14,881 10,266 4,593 29,894
9 145 14,859 11,646 4,830 31,480
10 126 15,878 11,919 5,069 32,992

Opinion (81)

DieAppleDie posted 05/02/2013, 11:42
no Japan sales?
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Muchs posted 06/01/2011, 03:44
In the list of Wii Software Totals it is no million seller, just the ami sales are visible.
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freddy1403 posted 11/03/2010, 10:08
very GOOD sales!!!!!
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 12/12/2009, 05:37
the best version is the Wii one

i wish they could work more on the graphics and not just make them the same with Ps2
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primogen18 posted 25/11/2009, 06:29
Gotta love how this sold and still is selling better then the PS3 version, but Wii was left out of the Ultimate Sith Edition, it's pretty sad when they don't even give it a chance...
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Sulvi posted 24/11/2009, 03:06
This game is brilliant only on the Wii. All those surprised it sold more than on PS3? Why? PS3 version is just a boring button bashing piece of crap. The Wii version makes it actually feel like YOU are in control of the lightsaber and the force. It is great fun :D
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