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Alternative Names

Kirby's Air Ride



HAL Laboratory



Release Dates

10/13/03 Nintendo
07/11/03 Nintendo
02/27/04 Nintendo

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Unlock all stars and wheelies in Air ride
Unlockable How to Unlock
Rocket Star Finish one lap under 1:05 in Free Run mode on the Machine Passage course
Winged Star Finish in first place while flying through the air in Air Ride mode.
Shadow Star Quick-Spin to defeat 10 or more enemies
Slick Star Finish two laps under 3:05 in Air Ride mode on the Checker Knights course
Swerve Star Finish two laps under 2:05 in Air Ride mode on the Sky Sands course.
Bulk Star Finish under 3:20 in Time Attack mode on the Celestial Valley course.
Formula Star Finish under 3:14 in Time Attack mode on the Frozen Hillside course.
Turbo Star Use all the volcano rails and finish in first place in Air Ride mode on the Magma Flows course.
Jet Star Race over 4,500 feet in 2:00 in Air Ride mode on the Machine Passage course.
Wagon Star Reach the goal three times in any mode other than Free Run.
Wheelie Bike Race all of the standard Air Ride courses.
Wheelie Scooter Start the final lap in fourth place and move to first to win.
Rex Wheelie Defeat 100 or more enemies with exhaled stars.
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1,350,000 Units
As of: December 2014

Opinion (13)

ExplodingBlock posted 25/08/2014, 05:34
I remember playing this game with my friend along with Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island
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qwertyDANIELqwerty posted 14/10/2013, 02:02
It's a shame i never picked up this game, I probably will one day though.
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PhilTheGamer posted 27/03/2010, 04:13
An Underatted classic.I got it for $20 back in July of 2004.A good deal for this awesome game.
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Hungarian Link posted 16/01/2010, 07:02
Underrated game. It's great, deserves 9/10
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Cobra_ posted 06/09/2009, 10:21
This is a very good game. Too bad that the reviewers didn't get the simplistic one-button control, it's actually pretty complex but you need to play for some time to understand that. I've actually written a review of this game for a local gaming web where I made fun of the lazy western reviewers (honestly, you can tell from their reviews that they never played the game for more than one afternoon)
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killeryoshis posted 17/06/2009, 04:10
Air ride is the best racing game ever!
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