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Pocket Monsters Black / White

ポケットモンスター ブラック・ホワイト‎


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03/06/11 Nintendo
09/18/10 Nintendo
03/04/11 Nintendo

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Pokémon Black / White Version (DS) > Opinions (250)

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Pineapple posted 12/03/2011, 12:38
It doesn't really have anything to do with pirates. At least not more than usual - this is the best selling Pokemon week 1 in EMEAA yet.
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dsage01 posted 11/03/2011, 09:05
This can hit 5 million week 1!
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Christian973 posted 11/03/2011, 06:25
Then they complain why games are delayed for them.
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Christian973 posted 11/03/2011, 06:25
Wow EMEAA pirates. Not even when they had the game before us in America they buy games.
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DrZoidberg posted 11/03/2011, 05:30
627K from europe
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DrZoidberg posted 10/03/2011, 09:25
with america's day 1 sales it has already pass Crystal, might even pass Platinum
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Immortal posted 07/03/2011, 03:37
I'd expect along the lines of 650k in EMEAA and 2m in Americas, but I'm gonna stay hopeful and expect it to beat Black Ops 360.
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kopstudent89 posted 07/03/2011, 03:25
and especially since it has a full week to amplify the numbers! this could easily be 2 mil+ launch in NA alone and probably have a shot at beating Halo worldwide
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Zucas posted 07/03/2011, 01:14
Wooh worked the launch of the game today and must say was much larger than past Pokemon launches. Should be quite the opening week in America.
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toastboy44562 posted 27/02/2011, 06:55
will have 3 1 million weeks in a row if you line of the first three weeks of sales with each region
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Veit posted 26/02/2011, 08:00
It will hit 9 or even 10M in march.
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Nintendogamer posted 26/02/2011, 02:42
Already to hit 7M in march with over 1M pre-orders alone in america.
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toastboy44562 posted 25/02/2011, 04:06
Will get this first day
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Kaio_felipe posted 24/02/2011, 09:17
Today I defeated Elite Four, N and Ghetsis at Pokémon White. Well, I must say that this game is really something! Pokémon gets deeper and deeper, but the classic gameplay continues.
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yesloow posted 15/02/2011, 04:03
slowed down faster than i thought it would
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cromeros posted 13/02/2011, 04:13
Still... Sales are Excelent... :)
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yesloow posted 09/02/2011, 06:16
not selling as fast as GoldSilver
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crunch posted 25/01/2011, 11:46
Monster Hunter 5
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Nintendogamer posted 25/01/2011, 11:10
you too Zlejedi? your not the only one who's made that mistake lol
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Zlejedi posted 21/01/2011, 03:14
crap sorry i thought that's search box
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Zlejedi posted 21/01/2011, 03:13
monster hunter
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Mich112233 posted 16/01/2011, 11:25
This game averaged 1.68 copies sold every second in the first four weeks in Japan :O
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Christian973 posted 11/01/2011, 04:14
I hope this game reaches 20+ Lifetime. it's truly a great game. one of the best games since Gold/Silver.
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Reconnection posted 11/01/2011, 02:23
I would love it if this beat Diamond and Pearl :P
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DrZoidberg posted 07/01/2011, 03:42
5 million in japan alone, pretty amazing. wonder how much it will take off once its released in the rest of the world
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Immortal posted 03/01/2011, 11:55
Well, the prediction's hardly ridiculous. DP did 6m and it's tracking ahead of it (though it's been slowing down a bi
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zgamer5 posted 29/12/2010, 03:09
would sell huge if you could capture people and train them
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hellraider posted 26/12/2010, 12:09
@immortal 6.5m in Japan?Vgchartz/Vgsales newbie? :P
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Immortal posted 23/12/2010, 02:54
Let's see... By MC, next week puts it at 4.8m. Week after, DP in 06 boosted from 230k to 415k so this can go up to 200k, putting it at 5m. After that, DP fell quite a bit, but I think this'll hold better because it'll be hyped as a game to go with the 3DS, so it can still outdo DP and get to around 6.5m in Japan. In the West, this should be significantly larger, pushing it to over 20m, :D. Or so I hope.
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toastboy44562 posted 20/12/2010, 05:06
looks amazing. i dont care if ill be 16 when it coems out i want it!
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Kai Master posted 17/12/2010, 05:52
5 millions before january 7th, then it will take long before it beats DP and its 6M, if never... it depends if it sells well on xmas 2011 or not...
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Moren posted 28/11/2010, 09:03
It won't outsell Diamond Pearl in Japan though
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Juma009 posted 20/11/2010, 01:07
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yahoocom1984 posted 31/10/2010, 05:42
insane sales
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thetonestarr posted 30/10/2010, 05:46
Gameplay's quite entertaining. I'm only a little way past the first gym, but it definitely is the first major step forward in PKMN gameplay ever since breeding was introduced. Powerleveling is a whole different beast nowadays. Visually, it sometimes seems like there's too much going on, esp. with battle scenes constantly moving around.
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Smeags posted 22/10/2010, 03:45
This game's sales are simply redonkulous! I can't wait to get my hands on this game...
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mysticwolf posted 31/05/2010, 01:49
I'll get whichever one has the white legendary, he looks better.
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supermario128 posted 29/05/2010, 05:13
White will have the black legendary and black will have the white legendary. If I do end up getting this I'm getting white.
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mysticwolf posted 14/05/2010, 11:30
sweet, more screenshots!
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Smeags posted 04/05/2010, 04:32
A new Pokemon will be revealed on the next Pokemon Sunday. Can't wait!
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novasonic posted 27/04/2010, 09:45
I havn't owned a Pokemon game since the original release of Silver. I think I'll be getting back into it with White. I always get the one that seems to represent the original Blue the most for some reason.
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ljlrj posted 18/04/2010, 07:58
gotta wait for cover art to pick which game, hopefully there a evil story mode XD
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madmaniac posted 14/04/2010, 11:28
still strange that a new generation of pokémon will be released on the DS
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MANUELF posted 11/04/2010, 03:34
I will buy White because is the second version
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toastboy44562 posted 11/04/2010, 12:15
when are they going to annouce 5th gen pkmn?
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Salnax posted 10/04/2010, 10:40
Get white! White is better!
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koyotecat posted 10/04/2010, 08:29
I has an excite!! I'm looking forward to these one's as much as I was Gold/Silver when they came out.
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mysticwolf posted 10/04/2010, 07:20
hmm... Should I get black or white?
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Rainbow Yoshi posted 10/04/2010, 04:23
Could this be the most revolutionary set of Pokemon games ever released.
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Smeags posted 09/04/2010, 11:22
You can be my baby doesn't matter if you're Black or White!

Can't wait!
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15,640,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2019

Opinion (250)

S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:38
Nintendo says 15.60m as of september 30.
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atma998 posted 31/01/2015, 02:11
Reached 15.05M and outsold games like CoD MW3 (X360), Pokemon Yellow, GTA V (X360) and Gran Turismo 3, even came close to Brain Age 2 (15.28M).
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Kongfucius posted 01/07/2014, 07:13
Biggest first week of any game in Japan ever, beats FF8 by just 17k!
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Lynx_7 posted 17/10/2013, 02:30
According to Nintendo, this has sold 15.42 million copies. Undertracked by quite a lot.
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Azhraell posted 01/09/2013, 06:22
@Toxicspikes: VGC changes Rest of the world with europe in some games...
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Toxicspikes posted 16/08/2013, 07:52
Where are the Europe sales? I really don't think these games have sold only 0.6million copies in all of Europe...
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