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Resistance: Jinrui Botsuraku no Hi

レジスタンス 人類没落の日


Insomniac Games



Release Dates

11/14/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/11/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/23/07 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Owners: 1,190
Favorite: 40
Tracked: 7
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Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) > Opinions (250)

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hongkongfuey^2 posted 20/12/2007, 04:08
Bobday said "for me the sniper rifle was useless"

Did you know that if you hold L1 you slow down time and get some easy headshots?? If you didn't know that, thats probably why it was useless for you. If you did know that, and you still coulnd't kill Chimera with it slowed down, well...thats sad.
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EHSTEVE posted 19/12/2007, 12:28
20000 away!!!
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mx_remix91742 posted 18/12/2007, 12:48
This game being set to be the Playstation 3's launch game and somewhat rushed development, is a must have for any PS3 owner, the storyline is average at best, but rathers works and deserves credibility as a FPS.

The online play is where this game shares it's best traits which makes this game a great bang for your buck.
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Daddo Splat posted 14/12/2007, 04:52
it cant be compared multiplayer to gear or halo 3 different experiences pop and shoot duck and cover of gears is great halo well its halo this game has alot to offer and the maps are emense in full 40 player games you can set it up to run like 8,16,40 and the same map opens up larger for each scenario. it takes awhile to get across some of these maps when fully opened. still like all shooters Iam done with all three probably visit H3 more though!
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eclipse27 posted 12/12/2007, 07:58

Resistance was never bundled to the extent of Forza 2 & Marvel for X360 is here in NA, i never heard of such bundles for R:FoM
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hunter_alien posted 12/12/2007, 05:23
Than what about WiiSports ? that is bundled to ...
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Globox82 posted 11/12/2007, 11:44
Lets be honest, main reason why Resistance is close to 2 million is because of bundles. I don't know if this game is bundled in NA but in EU it is bundled together with Motorstorm and that SKU is or was before 40gb best selling PS3 sku.
And since Motorstorm also got bundle in NA sales number have jumped a lot so it is little unfair to call them 2 million sellers if they have done it thanks to bundle sales.
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Griffin posted 11/12/2007, 11:10
This is one of the best games ever, its a modern day goldeneye.
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aceninja007 posted 09/12/2007, 05:22
I was never much of a FPS fan until I played this game. I never even got into the Halo games. 10/10
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rickytan posted 09/12/2007, 04:26
I love this game. I even have a friend who only has 360 who said he liked playing resistance better than Gears of War.
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juninhoplay3 posted 08/12/2007, 02:36
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leo-j posted 03/12/2007, 10:24
This was at 8.07 last week.
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Victoresparza2003 posted 01/12/2007, 02:32
Wow, almost to the 2 million copies, WOW, specially for a new franchise, that is really impressive, specially on the ps3. I guess now we can officially wait for RFOM:2.
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eclipse27 posted 27/11/2007, 01:41
no doubt about it....i expect this and Motorstorm to hit 2 mill by holidays and about 3 other to cross a mill by end of holidays
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EHSTEVE posted 25/11/2007, 06:13
Nice. 1.93 million. Will it be the first ps3 2-million seller?
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MontanaHatchet posted 22/11/2007, 02:18
I guess the Japanese just REALLY needed a PS3 game to play.
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leo-j posted 21/11/2007, 02:57
It sold more than 130k in japan wtf?
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Duckaluck posted 21/11/2007, 02:09
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black-katana posted 12/11/2007, 03:44
Awsome, Realy like the game it has good difficulty for the noobs and experts alike. Multiplay is fun but has some glitches
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ziss posted 07/11/2007, 11:18
very strong single player! and very good multi player... buy this game!
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outlawauron posted 07/11/2007, 03:00
dude, any game that can obtain a 10% attach ratio is a big success. Move along troll.
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Kamahl posted 27/10/2007, 07:06
I forgot to mention, do you realise that people are buying Wii Play because of the controller and not because of the game itself?
and Halo 3 is the most hyped game ever? and it doesnt seem like it will break PS2 games selling records...
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Kamahl posted 27/10/2007, 07:04
^You are an idiot, since when is 33% not successful? I guess GTA SA wasnt succesful because only 14-15 million copies were sold and there are 120 million+ PS2s, oh wait, that's almost 10-15%!!! Since its the best selling PS2 game, i guess the PS2 had no successful games...

yeah, good logic, retard.

Also, most of the resistance sales are before the bundle even existed... so no.
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Game Over! posted 23/10/2007, 04:33
If you count this game as a bundled game in EU (PS3 Starter Pack includes Motorstorm, Resistance, 2 controllers and a PS3 ofc.) then you'll see that Resistance hasn't as good sales in % (as of console units sold) as Halo 3 (40-50% of all 360 owners got it) or even as Wii Play (over 50% of all Wii owners got it)... Just 33% of all PS3 owners got it, and it means that there doesn't exist a successful PS3 game yet, such as Wii Play or Halo 3 (you can't count bundled games like Wii Sports...)!
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bobday posted 23/10/2007, 04:01
Forgot to mention, how good they left the game open. I mean the virus spread from Russia to all Europe. This game plays only UK locations, so I'm sure there will be Resistance 2 for liberating rest of europe, or a part of it. Looking forward
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bobday posted 23/10/2007, 03:21
the story mode starts great, real interesting is the concept, of countries coming out of ww2 facing aliens. I mean there was chaos and poverty, but the number of weapons indicates that that was a bad time for the aliens. so great concept I think. Weapons are great, could be more of em, for me the sniper rifle was useless, I could shoot better with the basic machine gun from distance.
The cooperative mode is great fun. First we played it on a simple Pal tv. Couldn't see a damn thing. so went out to buy a 1080p 40". A big jump...It was worth it! and looking forward to another next gametitles like this. Haze and Killzone 2 will be great.
Tried online, great except for I suck, I used to play on PC, they annihilating me, can't use the right analog fast enough, but will try harder. Missed ps2 you know. This is my 2nd favourite all time FPS. First is Medal of honor Allied Assault, third is FEAR.
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SergeantPwn posted 22/10/2007, 12:32
A great FPS shooter that i can always pop in and play. A very solid 8.5
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SergeantPwn posted 22/10/2007, 12:29
A great FPS shooter that i can always pop in and play. A very solid 8.5
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Squire posted 17/10/2007, 10:53
This game is awesome. I never liked FPS and only played Medal Of Honour a little, but this game proved that there are interesting games so that i will probably play them more than usual.
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CrashSpyro123 posted 14/10/2007, 10:25
A great game that managed to entertain this non-FPS fan.
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naraku2099 posted 18/09/2007, 03:34
I love this game so much! Both the single player and multiplayer modes have alot of replay value because they are so very fun and because of all the different weapons!
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Globox82 posted 28/08/2007, 05:40
This is not low leo-j. Its preaty big attach rate 4.32 million PS3 of that number 1.60 million has this game. Not everyone like FPS btw
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leo-j posted 09/08/2007, 03:28
resistance sold way more than this why is it this low in sales?
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kber81 posted 08/08/2007, 05:51
Solid FPS... Every PS3 user should at least try it.
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MontanaHatchet posted 08/08/2007, 06:25
My screenshots are a bit tiny, but they're something.
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ssj12 posted 08/08/2007, 04:31
what are you talking about the weapons are really innovative. the game is great, the score is lower then it should be.
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senatorpjt posted 07/08/2007, 03:11
It's a really good, if somewhat unoriginal in terms of gameplay, FPS.
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SergeantPwn posted 03/08/2007, 10:01
Gears got boring in like two weeks.
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EHSTEVE posted 02/08/2007, 03:09
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ckmlb posted 30/07/2007, 07:38
I can't believe someone actually said this game doesn't have multiplayer...
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EHSTEVE posted 24/07/2007, 04:08
i agree with the above poster
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MontanaHatchet posted 20/07/2007, 02:15
Of course he hasn't.
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EHSTEVE posted 18/07/2007, 11:21
Have you played it?
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deathbeast posted 08/07/2007, 06:27
a derivative, completely unoriginal game that is worse in every way than gears. This score is far too high.
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damandan05 posted 05/07/2007, 07:28
Great to see this title still selling somewhat.... Insomniac deserves more!!!
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leo-j posted 29/06/2007, 05:14
I love this game online is better than halo 2!!!! Its awsome 10/10
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allstarr35 posted 29/06/2007, 04:54
It was fun somewhat but i had some weird software issues with in when i was playing it
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DonWii posted 29/06/2007, 04:11
Write some reviews people....
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EHSTEVE posted 26/06/2007, 02:38
Ugh... there is multiplayer!!!!!!!
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Senbei posted 17/06/2007, 04:02
Pas de mode multi joueurs... un gros defaut de nos jours.
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Shipping Total

2,121,770 Units
As of: September 30th, 2007

Opinion (250)

nugget posted 28/12/2014, 04:34
I'm still dying to play this game. Somebody give me a deal on a PS3!
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thewastedyouth posted 28/02/2014, 04:21
I love this game, it is waaaay better than the second and third games

the graphics are not that good but it is very hard compared to the others

(live 10 minutes from the Insomniac offices
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Mario_pana posted 12/12/2012, 06:41
At least Resistance Fall of Man is still the best selling luanch title even tho it was bundled too much.
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Propaganda posted 18/02/2012, 12:11
Still think this Resistance had the most interesting cover. Resistance 3 is the best in the series though, but if i didn't know of Resistance and decided to buy me another pick up and play FPS i could've overlooked Resistance 3 cause of the pretty empty cover... Which is a shame cause the game is amazing.
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chidori-chan2 posted 31/12/2011, 04:39
4 milions, 3 millions of this sales is bundles lololol
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dsage01 posted 28/12/2011, 01:57
Resistance 3 was amazing. Sad it can't sell like this
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