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Saru! Get You! 3



SCE Japan Studio



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01/17/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
07/14/05 Sony Computer Entertainment
05/05/06 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Specter and the monkeys are back and determined to rule the world. Under Specter’s command, the mischievous monkeys are taking control of your television and airing programming that will cloud the mind of anyone who watches. Heroes Kei and Yumi dash through the TV studios capturing monkeys just as their outrageous shows hit the airwaves. Help us stop this primetime primate invasion!

  • Morph into unique characters to progress through game levels and discover hidden areas. Transform into a ninja, a ghun slinging cowboy, kung fu fighter, a dragon slayer knight and more.
  • Enjoy a hilarious storyline as the monkeys hijack the broadcast world from familiar drama and sports broadcasting to variety shows and even infomercials.
  • Monkey AI is smarter, more varied and tougher! Monkeys can dodge player attacks and retreat as well as counterattack by disarming players and then using the captured weapons on them.
  • Utilize innovative gadgets and weapons - including radar sweep and hoop attacks.
  • Hunt down those pesky monkeys with drivable vehicles, including a crafty tank, powerboat and sports car!
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think-man posted 03/08/2013, 11:54
Where the heck is Japan lol
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Sunshine posted 13/03/2011, 07:20
No sales? Shame... I wanted to see how well this game did (is my favorite Ape Escape game)
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