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X360, PS2

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10/02/07 2K Sports
08/07/08 Spike
11/23/07 2K Sports

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The king of the hard court is back and better than ever with the all-new Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. NBA 2K8 continues a five year legacy as the #1 rated NBA simulation with in-game features that bring basketball to life like never before.

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Opinion (4)

homer posted 28/10/2015, 03:26
Great game. Not surprised it by its legs.
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korn62586 posted 10/10/2015, 06:26
Back in the USA top 75!
Did wal mart unload a full truckload of this game and sell it for 99 cents?
Is this a typo vgchartz?
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Blaiyan posted 30/03/2008, 07:18
Love this game though the faces could be alot better. Would love to know what the Japan and EU numbers are.
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bobday posted 23/10/2007, 03:50
Was playing on PC so there was only the Live series. Which sucked last 2 years. So this game was the main reason I bought a nextgen (PS3 of course what else) Couldn't wait for the european release, so bought the US. The game looks great, it's like watching a game in TV. Couldn't believe how realistic moves are, and no teleport dunks, no mile high jumps, no dunking through peoples, no point guard fetish, and the players are having weight, not skating on the court, if you know what I mean etc., everything what I hated about Live is good in 2K8.
Missed the intro. It's not that important, but there could be one. the gameplay is great. I never had this much fun since nbalive2001. Am an nba fan, so it was important for me that, the stats are realistic (playing 8 minute quarters). It's perfect!!! And the replays! don't switch off the replays. never! Crowd looks stunning, mascot too. Courts are crazy, Bulls looks so great, my favourite. Even tho I don't like the Bulls.

the dunk contest! that makes this a party game. Dunks look so good, and no bullshit like throwing the ball on a projector and making bullshit dunks. Never played dunk contest on Live. Now I1m playing it all the time in 2k8! Let Dominique Wilkins dunk over the car. yess.
3pt shootout is really hard. Need to figure that out later, if I'm having time after the dunk contests.

Online experience is really bad tho. I'm playing with friends so it's no problem for me, but here are the issues: was playing with wireless net. couldn't challenge anyone, the servers suck big time, maybe because there are no european players yet dunno. But! When I was challenged the game started always. So could play only away. Most of the players are playing simulation like, but there are some players using doubleteam, alley oop all the time. And the game sucks online, couldn't put up a decent shot, because the reaction time is long. The game looks much better in normal mode too and plays better. But don't listen to me, try it yourself.

I don't really give a damn about the online, so I'm giving a 10/10.
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