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06/17/03 THQ
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Ash is back, baby! Fully "armed" with his chainsaw, trusty boomstick, and his trademark quips, Ash must once again save Dearborn from the unspeakable horrors spawned from The Book of the Dead in Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick.

When ambitious journalist Trisha Pettywood and occult author Alex Eldrige team up to try to expose the mystery of famed Professor Knowby's murder, they unwittingly open a Vortex to the undead. As the deadites swarm through Dearborn, they turn humans into the undead, and the town is quickly overrun. Now, with Dearborn in chaos and the citizens begging for help, Ash must hack and slash his way through the streets and figure out how to close the Vortex.

But, Ash is soon to learn that all is not what it seems—those he trusts may be plotting against him, and the history of Dearborn might be irrevocably changed.

  • Watch bonus videos: Including a "making of the video" feature with Bruce Campbell.
  • Enjoy character voicing by a cult favorite:Bruce Campbell returns to voice the role of "Ash," delivering his signature taunts and one-liners.
  • Journey through time Vortexes: Learn about the past and future of Dearborn by visiting four distinct eras. The history of the deadite invasion will unfold before you.
  • Use two-armed attacks to control multiple weapons simultaneously: Deliver blows with your chainsaw, and then finish them off with your boomstick.
  • Pick up multiple classes of weapons: Then, upgrade with Duct Tape Engineering.
  • Defeat the deadites with the new spell casting system: Players have a new weapon in battles against deadites. Take them out with the Rain of Fire, shock them with a Stun spell, and more!
  • Master combo and chain attacks: Makes decapitating deadites swift and easy.
  • Play through the Story mode: You can also annihilate the deadites in two arcade modes.
  • Witness the deadite infection of the citizens of Dearborn: Throughout the game, the ratio of deadites to humans increases as the deadites infect citizens (from police officers, cheerleaders to bikers and football players) before your very eyes.



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