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05/29/07 Majesco
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09/21/07 Majesco

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Exercise your brain with The New York Times Crosswords for your Nintendo DS!  Challenge yourself with more than 1,000 actual New York Times crossword puzzles that let you write in the answer with the stylus just as you would write in the newspaper. Play a quick, random puzzle; finish daily puzzles to complete a full week or take on the Crosswords Challenge with time and difficulty option settings.

  • Write in your own answers on the Touch Screen or use the Touch Screen keyboard to enter your answers
  • Complete more than 1,000 puzzles across Puzzle Me Quick!, Puzzle Week, or Crosswords
  • Challenge mode which includes time and difficulty settings you can adjust to your liking
  • Compete against up to three friends in a wireless multiplayer VS match or work together to fill in clues in 4-player cooperative play
  • Experience multiple visual themes as you complete puzzles
  • Take advantage of special functions including Hint (fills in a letter of a word you can't figure out) and Undo (remove a letter you've placed incorrectly)

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1 n/a 4,583 n/a 809 5,392
2 n/a 6,205 n/a 1,095 7,300
3 n/a 6,138 n/a 1,082 7,220
4 n/a 5,738 n/a 1,011 6,749
5 n/a 5,464 n/a 964 6,428
6 n/a 5,066 n/a 894 5,960
7 n/a 5,610 n/a 990 6,600
8 n/a 5,785 n/a 1,021 6,806
9 n/a 5,815 n/a 1,026 6,841
10 n/a 5,657 n/a 998 6,655

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