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Tokisora Senshi Turok



Iguana Entertainment



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02/28/97 Acclaim Entertainment
05/30/97 Acclaim Entertainment
03/01/97 Acclaim Entertainment

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Turok a time-travelling warrior ends up in the Lost Land to battle the Campaigner who is trying to gain the Chronoscepter weapon so that he may magnify the Chronoscepter's power to destroy the barriers that separate the ages of time so that he may rule the universe. Turok then vows to find the Chronoscepter himself, and sets off to put an end to his scheme.

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wiifan75 posted 08/07/2009, 05:56
I bought this last year at a game store that was going out of business. I wonder if it counted to the lifetime sales of the game? I love Turok. To me, the multiplayer FPS came from this. Me and three other friends would play together for hours and hours every weekend with the entire series that was out on N64.
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poopface1 posted 11/11/2008, 02:02
by far the best turok game ever made. This game seems so unique. One of my favorite fps on consoles.
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Guovssohas posted 14/09/2008, 09:58
One of the best games on N-64. The levels were HUGE, great challenge and many great weapons. And the graphics were fantastic for it's time.
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megaman79 posted 07/09/2008, 09:14
i liked it. Sad that the sequels sucked bigtime. Turok 2 was weak apart from the cranium bore exploding deal

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Khuutra posted 30/08/2008, 10:26
I think I still remember the ultimate code.


I'm so sure that's right I won't bother looking it up.
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quarashi posted 22/07/2008, 04:14
rbnsmth = best code in the history of codes
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