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Kaseki Chou-Shinka Spectrobes

化石超進化 スペクトロブス


Jupiter Corporation



Release Dates

03/06/07 Disney Interactive Studios
03/15/07 Disney Interactive Studios
03/16/07 Disney Interactive Studios

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Spectrobes follows the story of two planetary patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena, who embark on missions as they travel throughout the Nanairo planetary system collecting mysterious fossilized creatures known as Spectrobes. The Spectrobes hold the key to defeating the merciless Krawl from achieving their goal of galactic domination. Players will search seven planets to find and acquire fossils and minerals. Once a fossil has been located, the player will delicately excavate the fossil from the ground using the stylus on the touch screen to access a variety of tools from different-sized drills to an acidic solvent that melts away debris. When dust particles cloud the specimen, players can clear the surface by blowing on the microphone.

Once fossils are obtained, they are awakened in Rallen's spaceship laboratory using an instrument that relies on the player's voice. Maintaining the correct volume and pitch will awaken fossils to become Spectrobes. (If players prefer to remain silent, they can carefully blow on the microphone, creating varying sounds that result in a more challenging but equally rewarding result.) As creatures are obtained and awakened, they'll be nurtured with minerals in an incubation room to evolve into stronger creatures. The player will then need to select two powerful Spectrobes to accompany Rallen into epic battles against the enemy Krawl.

  • Rallen and the Spectrobes square off againse the Krawl in heart-stopping real time battles
  • Each Spectrobe can unleash a special attack on its own or combine forces for a punishing combination assault
  • Us the stylus to excavate you Spectrobes; blow air into the microphone to help clear the dust!
  • The Spectrobes awaken at the sound of your voice; train them and watch their powers grow

Junior Planetary Patrol officers Rallen and Jeena have discovered strange, prehistoric creatures called Spectrobes that possess extraordinary powers. The Spectrobes hold the key to defeating the Krawl, a vicious and merciless force intent on destroying the galaxy. To defeat the Krawl, our heroes must excavate, awaken and train as many Spectrobes as they can before it's too late.



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nordlead posted 20/02/2009, 05:55
Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals, successful Nintendo DS™ games that were released in each of the past two years. (Those games have shipped more than 1.6 million units worldwide.)
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oliist posted 24/01/2009, 01:22
From the corporation that produced 'The World Ends With You' & 'Picross DS'.
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SaviorX posted 06/06/2008, 01:43
This game was past 700,000 worldwide in around March of 2007. I wouldn't find it hard to believe this is past 1 million. A sequel was announced for this already.
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Erik Aston posted 19/03/2008, 10:04
According to the press release for the sequel this game has shipped over 1M copies worldwide.


"Spectrobes, one of the most successful third-party Nintendo DS™ games of 2007 with more than 1 million units shipped worldwide."
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