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EurocoEntertainment Software



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10/31/97 GT Interactive
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11/14/97 GT Interactive

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Duke Nukem's coming to get some! Prepare yourself to become the biggest, baddest, alien basher in the known universe - Duke Nukem; as you blast your way through the streets of LA out to an orbiting station, and onto the moon itself. Bag some aliens with over a dozen hi-tech weapons. 32 levels of non-stop carnage. Run, jump, crawl, swim, and jetpack your way through danger. Big weapons and bigger bosses for a fun-filled fragfest! Four-player, split-screen Dukematch action.

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goldeneye0065r posted 30/12/2011, 05:11
no this version was better then all the others i dont give acrap about censor ship at least it had 2 player co op split screen 4 players hell the 360 version of dn3d doesnt even do that
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dobby985 posted 08/04/2010, 02:55
this version was censored
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spurgeonryan posted 04/10/2009, 01:25
Another port that saved early 64 owners, most of them were usually multiple rentals though, back when renting was cool. MAce, hexen, quake, clay fighter
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Cobretti2 posted 29/08/2009, 09:54
i still prefer the pc version. but had fun with this on n64 too.
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shakarak posted 07/12/2008, 08:34
this game is amazing, so much fun on multiplayer it's unreal.
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