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10/16/02 Eidos Interactive
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11/01/02 Eidos Interactive

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Through a rift in space and time, pursue the hideous race known as the TimeSplitters, and eliminate their fiendish schemes to end mankind's future.

- Blast through 10 huge environments in time such as a Cold War Russian military base, the gangster-ridden 1920's Chicago and the futuristic surface of Planet X.

- An action packed epic story unfolds through multiple-objective based missions with superbly animated cut-scenes.

- Rage all out war against insurmountable odds, utilizing the most lethal weapons of every era.

- Choose from over 100 playable characters to fight with or against in furious Multiplayer mayhem.

- Create your own single or multiplayer games with the brilliantly simple MapMaker.

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PhilTheGamer posted 20/03/2010, 03:42
Absoulty loved TimeSplitters 2.Best FPS on Gamecube along with Metroid Prime.
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CaptainDJ posted 28/05/2009, 12:43
Amazing Game! Love the Editor!
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sethnintendo posted 02/01/2009, 02:39
This game was pretty tight. Has tons of modes. Love the zombie killing. Most my friends enjoyed playing either co-op or death match with me.
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johnlucas posted 27/07/2008, 02:31
Had to get this one due to it being made by the team once from Rare who made Perfect Dark & Goldeneye 007. And it was worth it too. Not to mention funny. The FPS genre needs more of this type of game.
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fursomewarrior posted 16/04/2008, 09:47
This was another one of those multi platform games, but I loved my Gamecube. =^-^= Many complained about the aiming, but....in real life, it isnt so easy to shoot a gun in real life. This gave it a more realistic approach. =^-^=
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bigjon posted 29/01/2008, 02:01
I have spent so many hours on this game... this game saved me from have to buy an Xbox just for Halo : )
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