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11/14/06 Activision
05/17/07 Interchannel
12/22/06 Activision

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The world's largest army of Super Heroes™ is under your control
Marvel™: Ultimate Alliance is an all-new action/RPG where players create their Marvel dream team from the largest roster of Super Heroes ever in an epic quest that will determine the fate of Earth and the Marvel universe. For decades, Earth’s Super Heroes have opposed evil in their own cities, and on their own terms. But now, Dr. Doom and a newly reformed Masters of Evil have plans for world domination, and the heroes must band together to defeat them.
Playing as some of the most revered Marvel characters, gamers will embark on a dangerous journey across exotic terrain and well-known comic book locations like Atlantis, the Shield Heli-Carrier and the Skrull home world in an attempt to defy the world’s most notorious Super Villains. Created by Raven Software, Marvel™: Ultimate Alliance lets players control the most powerful Super Hero alliance the world has ever known.


Source - www.activision.com (publisher)

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1 n/a 36,341 n/a 6,413 42,754
2 n/a 18,893 n/a 3,334 22,227
3 n/a 18,210 n/a 3,214 21,424
4 n/a 20,940 n/a 3,695 24,635
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8 n/a 4,738 n/a 835 5,573
9 n/a 4,365 n/a 770 5,135
10 n/a 4,070 n/a 718 4,788

Opinion (5)

naruto3336 posted 03/05/2009, 05:03
Should be around 500k with others and japan.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 05/02/2009, 08:37
i like it, using Iceman and the motion controls was very fun for me
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Soma posted 23/12/2008, 04:34
I just sold this game. Didn't like it. Multiplayer can be fun, but I found single player boring. I'd get XMen Mutant Apocalypse (Capcom-Snes) anyday over this.
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maneeshpan posted 11/06/2008, 05:46
I love MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE! I have this game for Wii and it rocks.
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KingHenry posted 18/03/2008, 05:59
My first Wii game (along with RedSteel), and it sucked. RedSteel is better, and that's not saying much.
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