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03/07/06 Electronic Arts
03/24/06 Electronic Arts
03/18/06 Electronic Arts

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Key Features

This time it's not about winning, it's about an utter disregard for the rules of the road and total domination. This time it's personal. And this time it's on Xbox 360.

The next-generation debut of 2005's racing game of the year, Burnout™ Revenge slams into the Xbox 360 with a suite of new online features set to define next-generation automotive anarchy, jaw-dropping high-definition graphics and the retina-searing speed that the Burnout series is famous for.

Through Xbox Live™, the brand new Live Revenge feature tracks your rivals and calls out those that need some serious payback. Build up relationships with gamers that you take out, or take you down, and then let Live Revenge track your hit list. It's about long memories and short tempers.

Have you just been part of the most destructive crash in video game history and everyone missed it? The all new Save and Share feature enables you to highlight the most explosive moments from your replays so you can share them via Xbox Live™. Download your friend's replays and rate them, or check out the Top 20 Most Downloaded.

The Xbox 360 enables Burnout Revenge to deliver the most spectacular crashes in the series' history. Next generation crashes mean vehicle deformation, highlighted with localized scratch, crumple and scorch maps, Hollywood-inspired special effects and bigger explosions than ever before.

Burnout Revenge on next-gen still features multi-level tracks designed for fighting, wicked vertical takedowns, explosive crashbreakers, a huge array of gameplay modes and wide open crash junctions for epic crash sequences that put Hollywood to shame, Burnout Revenge redefines speed and aggression for the ultimate in vehicular combat.


General Key Features

  • Live Revenge* - It's not just about winning, it's about vengeance. A persistent Live Revenge mode tracks your relationships with online racers and rank leaders, calling them out in each race ? know your rivals and punish them!
  • Save and Share* - Give back to the online community ? Save your greatest moments and upload them on Xbox Live for the world to see.
  • Check Traffic - Think hockey on the highway. Now every vehicle on the road is in play and a potential target - or weapon. Ram traffic into your rivals, slam cars into vicious combo-based pile-ups and lay waste to everything in sight. Don't fear traffic - fight it.
  • Car Deformation - Experience the next generation of destruction made possible by the power of the Xbox 360 and literally rip cars to shreds in the most explosive crashes in the series' history.
  • Traffic Attack - An all-new traffic attack mode pits gamers against the clock in a mad dash for destruction. It's not about dodging traffic, it's about leveling it by any means necessary.
  • Crash Redefined - Show Hollywood how it's done with all-new open-ended crash junctions, now including 10 new junctions exclusive to Xbox 360. With multiple start points, complex, vertically-oriented tracks and hundreds of cars begging to be decimated, Burnout Revenge is the king of crash.
  • Built to Battle - Designed for maximum carnage, Burnout Revenge's tracks are loaded with massive jumps, multiple paths and nasty chokepoints to deliver the ultimate brutal car combat. Vertical takedowns and in-race crashbreakers open up new avenues for destruction. Watch out for shortcuts, highlighted by flashing blue lights?they're everywhere.
  • Car Classes - All-new cars in three classes (race, muscle and crash) accentuate different play styles. Choose your weapon!
  • Untouchable Speed - Burnout Revenge delivers unrivaled, irresponsible speed that can only possibly be topped by the real thing.



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Opinion (5)

Metallicube posted 27/10/2009, 10:44
Very fun game.. Far superior to Paradise IMO.
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Seece posted 23/06/2009, 05:26
This is Sooooo undertracked
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Barozi posted 25/02/2009, 08:42
I own the Xbox and the 360 version and I luv it !
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Seece posted 21/02/2009, 11:27
Probably one of my all time fav games!
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Egghead posted 21/01/2009, 02:37
This sold really well, especially when you consider how slow Paradise has been

Either way, my favourite in the franchise
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