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12/29/05 Tecmo
12/29/05 Tecmo
01/27/06 Tecmo

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Taking advantage of the superior technology of Xbox 360™, Dead or Alive� 4 offers the defining gaming experience on the next-generation console. The game encompasses all that Xbox 360 has to offer, giving you the most rewarding digital fighting to date on any videogame console.

Dead or Alive 4 once again raises the bar in both online and offline fighting. By utilizing the advanced technology of Xbox 360 hardware, the game redefines 3-D high-definition graphics and sound, creating one of the most visually beautiful and realistic-looking video games available. Unsurpassed online capabilities via Xbox LIVE�, incredible new interactive stages, an all-star lineup of old and new favorite characters, and a complex DOA countering system all combine to create a must-have video game for Xbox 360.

  • DOA Online: Experience unsurpassed online play on Xbox LIVE, including large-scale global online tournaments, increased worldwide simultaneous online play, detailed scoreboards, the ability to form clans, a new and interactive lobby area featuring voice and text chat, and more!
  • 3-D high-definition graphics: Utilizing the advanced technology of Xbox 360 and Team Ninja's development expertise, Dead or Alive 4 takes 3-D graphics to a new level, creating a visually stunning video game.
  • New characters and old favorites: Meet new faces in the DOA cast of characters, and get ready for the return of Dead or Alive� 3 favorites Christie and Brad Wong!
  • Interactive stages: Incredible new interactive stages showcase 3-D graphics and astounding attention to detail, from each strand of a character's hair to the individual cherry blossoms falling from the sky.
  • In-depth story line and cut scenes: A new plotline and amazing cinematics give you a new insight into the mysterious yet captivating world of Dead or Alive.
  • New costumes: Characters sport a variety of costumes while they fight. Some characters even have new hairdos!
  • Complex DOA countering system: The game's fighting system has been overhauled, allowing for even more strategy and mastery of your favorite character. Check out the most complex DOA countering system yet!


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As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (26)

Kresnik posted 08/07/2012, 02:44
Whats with the sales on this? Came to comment that they seemed extremely low, but it appears it got oddly adjusted down from 1 million? Just like God of War 3 went from 5m to 4.4m. Sigh. Fix plix!
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Heavenly_King posted 23/06/2012, 05:10
@Doobie_wop: Yeah, tekken 6 graphics are crap
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thewastedyouth posted 13/05/2012, 07:58
this game sold MORE THAN A MILLION

the idiots in charge deleted the Europe sales

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Chris Hu posted 08/12/2011, 05:37
WTF this went from over 1 million in sales to barely over 400K. Also what happened to the european numbers.
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Doobie_wop posted 14/05/2010, 07:51
I just bought the game for $8, it's pretty good for an old game. I was surprised that it looked on par with Tekken 6 o_O
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KillerJawz posted 05/05/2010, 09:19
Definatly needs DOA5.
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