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Series, WiiU

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05/24/04 Nintendo
06/01/04 Nintendo
11/19/04 Nintendo

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The game plays similarly to the Game Boy Donkey Kong game, giving Mario the ability to perform handstands and backflips. There are several different environments, ranging from a lava environment to the classic construction site, and there are five different types; in the first, and most common, Mario has to pick up a key and take it to the locked door. At the second part of the level, Mario had to pick up a Toy Mario at the end of the level. The second type is where Mario must guide the Mini Mario toys to the Toy Box, and protecting them from dangerous environments. The third type is the boss level, where Mario must fight Donkey Kong in order to proceed to the next world. The fourth type is the Master Boss, where Mario must throw barrels at Donkey Kong. The Plus game, which is a repeat of the Main game, is unlocked. In this mode, the story continues from the main game, where Donkey Kong obtains a new batch of Mini-Marios, but with their containers broken because DK fell from the roof, into the truck. In each plus level, Mario must activate a Mini-Mario in the level, which is holding a key, and take it to the door. The fifth type of level is the Expert levels. In this mode, Mario must get close to the Mini-Mario with the key and lead it to the door in a very hard level. Getting through the door beats the level in Plus and Expert modes, rather than sending Mario to a 2nd part, like in the Main mode

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Opinion (2)

ROFLMAO posted 12/03/2012, 10:10
A fantastic game, should've sold way more than it did.
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johnlucas posted 04/02/2010, 04:02
I just bought it! Can't go wrong with Mario & Donkey Kong!
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