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Illusion of Time

Gaia Gensouki






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09/01/94 Nintendo
11/27/93 Enix
04/27/95 Nintendo

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Journey into the Dark Side of an Ancient Civilization

Radiating an ominous light in its path, the Chaos Comet threatens the existence of the planet. Battles erupt and a tentative peace is returned to the lands. Danger lurks as the Chaos Comet orbits and dreadful beasts lie await.

In the Age of Exploration a boy named Will is born. Tragedy strikes during an expedition to the Tower of Babel separating Will from his father. Telekinetic forces awaken as Will returns to South Cape. Armed with his transformation abilities of two great warriors, Will must save the planet.

Gaia, Will's guiding spirit, bestows magical powers and advice along his journey. With the help of his friends Will must battle relentless enemies and solve the puzzles of the ancient ruins. Patience and knowledge are essential to reunite this father and son.

  • Three players can save their journeys through entries into Will's travel diary.
  • Battery back-up saves your progress.
  • 60 hours of gameplay
  • Over 22 locations


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JazzB1987 posted 27/04/2011, 10:19
Its called Illusion of Time in europe. Remakes and Re-releases only on NIntendo consoles! Others dont deserve this trilogy!!!
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MasterZack posted 29/01/2010, 06:52
Soon this game will be mine! hahaha
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Faxanadu posted 30/04/2009, 08:27
One of the most excellent games I ever played.

The Soul Blazer Triology is Enix finest, imo.
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Sledge posted 24/02/2009, 12:28
here's a game that deserves a re-release
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