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07/23/01 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/08/01 Sony Computer Entertainment
06/08/01 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Like a gripping action movie, Extermination catapults you into a world on the brink of a biological disaster. Fear of infection grows as the destructive virus lashes out to mutate everything in its reach. Survival is the only option.

As a Marines Special Forces Recon operative, you must respond to a distress signal sent from a secret military base in Antarctica. Braving the unforgiving blizzards, you infiltrate the now desolate base. Upon entry, you learn that a rampaging virus has mutated all life within the base and nothing is safe from its toxic grasp. With limited resources and few means to stay warm in the below-zero frigid environments, players will have to survive an onslaught of weather and creature assaults in an attempt to unravel what mysteries lie at the heart of this threat. All of the might of the PlayStation 2 is used to throw an overwhelming barrage of destruction from weather effects, fire, and electrical explosions, crumbling buildings, ferocious monsters, liquid organisms, and other harrowing experiences in breathtaking special effects and realistic motion.

In order to deliver the utmost realism, Deep Space collaborated with weapons expert Ichiro Nagata, writer and photographer for Combat magazine. Nagata, who is licensed to participate in FBI and SWAT weapons training, brought invaluable knowledge to the making of Extermination.

Keep your nerves charged and your muscles tight, or else the Extermination will be your own!

Key Features:

  • Cinematic cut scenes that string together an incredible story about the possible extermination of humankind
  • Action-packed events that force decisions on the fly--can you handle the pressure?
  • Run, jump, or climb into a frighteningly real environment created by amazing 3D textures
  • Spectacular visual scenes that were only accessible in rendered movies of the past
  • Mutated creatures to battle as you trudge through extreme weather conditions
  • Sophisticated weaponry including a customizable SPR4 (Special Purpose Rifle 4) assault rifle that has a grenade launcher, flame-thrower, night-vision scope, interceptor scope, zoom functions, and more
  • Chilling third-person view and an all-too-real first-person view (while aiming only)
  • Detailed facial expressions that bring the characters to life
  • Realistic real-time lighting, fire, water, and blizzard effects
Source - www.us.playstation.com

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mjk45 posted 26/08/2011, 05:43
under rated it was a really good game
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Audiomatic posted 20/03/2008, 03:02
one of my favs games ever, nice stuff back then
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EHSTEVE posted 16/07/2007, 12:53
This game is incredibly hard without using cheats
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