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Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku






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NES, PC, Series, VC

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01/26/99 Konami
03/11/99 Konami
05/14/99 Konami

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Dracula reawakens in  the year 1852, after a century of enforced slumber, as a result of humankind's descent into vice and wickedness. Two young heroes sense his return: Carrie Fernandez, a girl gifted with magic powers, and Reinhardt Schneider, heir to the ancient Belmont clan of vampire hunters. The two set out to storm the Count's castle in the Transylvanian province of Wallachia and vanquish him.

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No9tro posted 25/06/2018, 09:35
I thought this was pretty fun.... until I was ambushed by the potara fusion of the Frankenstein monster and Texas Chainsaw massacre!! Then it wasn't fun I died and didn't want to play all that stuff again! Damn limited saves spots damn them to hell
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DieAppleDie posted 16/09/2012, 01:53
i lked it, atmospheric, even scary...good game
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oniyide posted 13/04/2011, 01:49
um no it did not, if you think this sold more than SOTN then your high. Just cause Vgcahrtzs doesnt have all the numbers
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pokeclaudel posted 18/01/2010, 01:25
I liked this game. It's funny how people say this is the worst but it sold the most of any in the series.
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SaviorX posted 27/06/2009, 11:55
I played this game a lot. I liked it, despite how others may feel. Underrated if you ask me.
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spurgeonryan posted 10/06/2009, 07:01
It was fun back then, I know it was cleared off the rental shelves all the time! Anyone know a site that shows game rentals like this site shows sales?
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