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Alternative Names

Job Island: Hard Workin People

Hataraku Hito: Hard Working People



Hudson Soft



Release Dates

05/12/09 Hudson Soft
11/27/08 Hudson Soft
03/13/09 Hudson Soft

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It's the Help Wanted Press Stage! With 50 off-the-wall jobs to take on in the game, you can bet that everyone's going to be talking about what zany tasks they've taken on in order to prevent the Earth from being hit by an impending meteor! You'll find the gist of what a given article has to say right here, but to get more info, click on the links to hear the full story. It's Help Wanted on Wii™!


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Total Sales
1 n/a 4,181 n/a 738 4,919
2 n/a 5,848 n/a 1,032 6,880
3 n/a 4,772 n/a 842 5,614
4 n/a 4,154 n/a 733 4,887
5 n/a 3,827 n/a 675 4,502
6 n/a 3,117 n/a 550 3,667
7 n/a 2,745 n/a 484 3,229
8 n/a 1,974 n/a 348 2,322
9 n/a 1,366 n/a 241 1,607
10 n/a 1,029 n/a 182 1,211

Opinion (2)

Strategyking92 posted 09/06/2009, 09:22
ummmmm, ok.

I just want to comment to say this represents the state of the US job market We are resulting to virtual jobs!
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spurgeonryan posted 30/05/2009, 09:37
After looking at this site for hours upon hours every day for the last month, I've noticed that smaller games and mini games sell better on the Wii and DS, but big blockbuster games seem to sell better on other systems. So these games that barely make money on the Wii, bomb on the other guys.
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