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Alternative Names

Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

スカイ・クロラ: イノセン・テイセス


Project ACES



Release Dates

01/12/10 Xseed Games
10/16/08 Namco Bandai
02/26/10 Namco Bandai

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After decades of constant war and fighting, the world has finally come to a lasting peace. But with war being an integral part of their lives for so long, the citizens of the world are desperate for a solution to solve this newfound peaceful life of calm and tranquility.

To ease this tension and to appease its citizens, the government has started pursuing a new round of wars. These new campaigns are not a power struggle between hostile countries, but rather sponsored events between private corporations with military-trained personnel contracted by each side to do their biding for them. It is the battles fought by these corporations such as Rostock and Lautern and the constant media reports on them that satisfy and replace the basic human instinct to fight using the war as a show.

The latest rookie pilot to join the Sky Crawlers, codenamed “Lynx,” is working his way up the ranks and becomes involved in a secret new military project with the goal of making pilots immortal. Join Lynx on his journey to conquer the skies while unraveling the mystery behind the military’s covert new project.


  • New Aerial Combat Game from the Creators of Ace Combat – Project Aces, the foremost developer of action-based flight simulation games and the team behind the Ace Combat series, brings their expert knowledge of intense aerial combat to Wii.
  • Innovative Controls Place the Player into the Cockpit – The flight control stick is simulated by the Nunchuk which is tilted to roll, pitch, and yaw, while the Wii Remote is titled up to accelerate and down to decelerate in its role as the throttle.
  • Beautiful Landscape and Realistic Sound FX – All the minor details of the aerial combatants are visible against a gorgeous landscape, while the realistic sound effects further immerse the player into an actual aerial dogfight.
  • Deep Story Told Through Animated Cutscenes and In-Game Sequences – A world so depraved that it needs war to thrive, this alternate reality is brought to life with animated cutscenes and voiced in-game sequences during combat.


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1 5,996 n/a n/a 5,996
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9 n/a 2,833 n/a 500 3,333
10 n/a 2,526 n/a 446 2,972

Opinion (27)

Crona posted 04/07/2011, 10:22
Great game. Sky Crawlers is the better game by far.
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kingofbubba posted 30/06/2011, 06:08
which is better? blazing angels or sky crawlers?
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icedoesnthelp posted 17/03/2011, 03:35
Are you trying to tell me that this game didn't sell at all in Europe? Under tracked game?
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gumby_trucker posted 24/12/2010, 05:38
criminally under appreciated game! and somehow ubisoft's blazing angels does a million!?
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Kynes posted 20/12/2010, 01:29
Great game, it's a pity it didn't sell much more.
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Myviewing posted 26/02/2010, 03:03
Nice work once again Project Aces. I'd like Ace Combat 7 now please.
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