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Viewtiful Joe Battle Carnival

ビューティフルジョー バトルカーニバル


Clover Studio



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11/08/05 Capcom
09/29/05 Capcom
03/10/06 Capcom

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Can you stand the heat?

As Captain Blue retires and announces his directorial debut, who will rise as a hero for the new generation? Viewtiful Joe® Red Hot Rumble introduces totally new, action-packed gameplay as players face off against each other in head-to-head battles to become the ultimate hero and win the leading role!

  • Over the top, non-stop action. Brand new, wild fighting style gameplay!
  • Master VFX Power in head-to-head battles.
  • Wireless support -- challenge friends head-to-head & become the ultimate hero!
  • A variety of characters from the Viewtiful Joe universe duke it out for the leading role in Captain Blue’s new movie!

Source: capcom.com

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spurgeonryan posted 04/10/2011, 06:20
I have never played one of these games. And from what I see from the reviews I still may not.
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robond posted 14/07/2009, 07:31
Great game! I just bought it and now my Viewtiful Joe collection is complete.
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Onimusha12 posted 16/05/2008, 03:57
This game is viewtiful joe meets Super Smash Bros.

It's a blast. The game is so insanely hard but so damn rewarding, probably my favorite of the series.
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MeowTheMouse posted 04/04/2008, 07:58
2 sucked bad:P
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StarcraftManiac posted 05/01/2008, 05:17
I just bought Viewtiful joe 1 and 2... And totally love them! But i don't know if this is any good...
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