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12/25/01 Microsoft
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03/14/02 Microsoft

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Engage in combat with other boats, forts, and shore batteries in exotic locales. With the help of an outlaw band of sea-raiders, you must overthrow a devious army and restore order to the land in Blood Wake®.


  • Choose from 10 different kinds of powerful gunboats:Catamarans, Torpedo Boats, Sampans, Devil Boats, and more allow for a variety of combat experiences.
  • Wield ahuge array of powerful weapons:Chain guns, cannons, rockets, torpedoes, mines, and more promise an explosive experience.
  • Play against others with split-screen multiplayer: Battle against bots or your friends in multiplayer chaos, including Death Match, Team Death Match, and more.
  • Embark on more than 25 single-player, story-based missions:Blood Wake is set in a variety of dynamic environments, including open ocean, island groups, sheltered bays, river deltas, and deep canyons. Each mission has a variety of weather effects (fog, storms, typhoons, etc.) and timing (day and night).
  • Experience more than nine different types of missions: Missions include attacking, defending, and escortingships; attacking buildings; reconnaissance; and more.
  • Enjoynaturalistic artificial intelligence:Smart enemies and teammates react according to the battle situation.
  • Check out the realistic water physics and effects: Experience rooster-tail wakes, salt-water spray, and rolling and crashing waves


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thewastedyouth posted 09/08/2012, 02:48
this game is awesome and it sold ok I wonder why it never got another one!!!
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