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America - Front

America - Back

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01/01/82 Atari
01/01/83 Atari
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Ouch!  E.T. is lost on Earth and wants to get home.  Help him build an interplanetary telephone to call for assistance before his energy runs out.  But beware of government agents and curious scientists who will sap E.T.'s precious energy before he reaches his goal.

(credit: Atari; original game description as provided on back of game box)

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spurgeonryan posted 09/07/2011, 06:16
Of course the biggest disaster of a game of all time just ahead of Superman 64 gets lots of action!
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valen200 posted 12/10/2009, 09:46
I also finished and got some entertainment out of it. Not a great game but mildly playable.
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Hardcoregamer1989 posted 23/08/2009, 06:52
im one of those idiots that got this game on Christmas, i was like wtf is this shit
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sethnintendo posted 02/04/2009, 01:01
Lets get some shovels and go to New Mexico and dig those copies up!
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blunty51 posted 17/10/2008, 08:29
i actually finished this game and kinda enjoyed it. probably the only person though.
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thetonestarr posted 29/08/2008, 01:09
I still don't understand this game. Dangit.
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