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08/18/08 Capcom
07/29/08 Capcom
06/22/07 Capcom

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It's MEGA MAN versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis -- that strange multi-faceted land of robot-like Humanoids. Brilliant scientist Dr. Wright conceived the construction of fully-operational human-like experimental robots to perform specific everyday duties.

Dr. Wright, and his assistant Dr. Wily, encouraged with their very first near human robot -- MEGA MAN -- proceeded to develop six additional Humanoids, all programmed to perform prescribed rituals:


Cutman: Designed to function as a lumberjack. Powerful saw-toothed
Scissor-like instrument protrudes from head, capable of gnawing through
giant forest timbers

Iceman: Impervious to chilling sub-zero temperatures, capable
of human like performances under extreme climatic conditions

Gutsman: A bulldozing character capable of lifting and
transporting huge boulders

Bombman: A real "blast-er" as a heavy duty laborer who uses
intensely powerful explosives to clear lands for Dr. Wright's
construction projects

Fireman: Melts and molds metals with flame-throwing torch
flaring from atop his head.

Elecman: Dr. Wright's electrifying creation - planned for
conducting electrical operations - even supervising nuclear power plants.

But, with the exception of MEGA MAN, all of Dr. Wright's near-human robot experimentation went awry. Assistant Dr. Wily turned disloyal, re-programming Dr. Wright's Humanoids, now bent on destroying opposition so Dr. Wily could control the world and its resources.

Resisting re-programming, MEGA MAN is chosen the defender of the universe and its inhabitants. MEGA MAN dares to single-handedly penetrate seven separate empires of Monsteropolis, eliminating the leaders and followers of these sovereignties.

Get ready for some very exciting challenges!

--From the NES Mega Man instruction manual.


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GLoRySoGLoRy posted 26/08/2008, 09:27
yea damn megaman big fat head.

Fun game but very difficult
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Cheebee posted 05/06/2008, 02:13
This game is hard. :p
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