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Magical Vacation: 5-tsu no Hoshi ga Narabu toki


Brownie Brown



Release Dates

10/23/06 Nintendo
06/22/06 Nintendo
02/09/07 Nintendo

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At the Will O'Wisp magical academy students from all planets in the Baklava system gather to hone their magical skills in a peaceful environment. But when Principal Biscotti learns of former student Master Kale's sinister plot to destroy the Baklava system, he sends Kale's teacher in to investigate. Weeks go by, and Miss Madeleine still hasn't returned from her mission... and neither have the students who went out to rescue her!

As the player, it will be up to you to find both your classmates and your teacher, but above all to save the galaxy from destruction. Thankfully, you have the power of the planets at your disposal!

In this turn-based RPG, you choose between a male or female character and journey to differnet planets, picking up classmates along the way to join your party. Each student specializes in a different kind of elemental magic, and has his own starsign. This means that depending on how the different planets are aligned, certain characters (but also enemies!) can become enormously powerful.You'll have to develop all your magic skills and pray to the stars that you can bring this journey to a happy end...

•Full stylus control: select your attacks on the touch screen, then tap the enemy you want to target

•Multi Card multiplayer lets up to six players fight together in the Amigo Dungeons

•Use Tag mode to exchange items and info with your friends, or to gather special eggs that hatch into new characters!

•Giant bosses cover both screens of the Nintendo DS


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1 n/a 866 n/a 153 1,019
2 n/a 951 n/a 168 1,119
3 n/a 843 n/a 149 992
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Opinion (3)

Fededx posted 07/07/2012, 06:18
Great RPG, loved it! Remembered me of the SNES days of old and gold! :)
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xtastemyvenom posted 28/04/2009, 09:27
I love this game.
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swordplay posted 27/05/2008, 03:28
this game sold like poop!
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