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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 10 March 2011 / 11,446 Views

NPD totals for the four weeks ending February 26, 2011 in the United States have arrived. Including PC software NPD says Americans spent $1.36 billion on video games in February 2011 which was 3% more then they spent a year ago. Figures also increased over $150 million from January to February 2011, mostly on a 32% increase in hardware sales.

In addition to providing a nice monthly boost, hardware sales were also the main driver for growth compared to February 2010. Total hardware revenue reached $466.9 million in February 2011, up from $426.4 million in February 2010. Accessories, helped tremendously by standalone Kinects, also grew nicely from February 2010 - to almost $257 million from just over $200 million. Software sales lagged behind the other categories though, falling 5% to $601.4 million from $636 million last February ($10 million of that total in 2010 was for PC games).

Currently, we have only three numbers for hardware from February. Reports indicate that X360 increased to 535,000 units in February 2011 from 424,000 last February, and that Wii increased to 454,000 units from 399,000 units.  More will be edited into the chart below as data trickles in from the internet.

HW Sales in the USA, Feb 2010

The X360 increase from February 2010 should account for about $25-30 million of the hardware lift mentioned above. Given X360 & Wii revenue of about $225 million, and PS3 revenue of at roughly $130 million ($325 *401,000), total revenue for DS, PSP, and PS2 was less than $112 million. DS thus sold fewer units than last February given what it sells for, as PS2 and PSP should be about $20 million of the remaining $112 million.

Lifetime USA figures for Wii and X360 are now 35 million and 26.3 million units respectively, as of February 2011. Wii has reached 35 million in the USA in 52 months, Sony's PS2 reached 35 million in 74 months. All USA hardware has reached 35 million at a slower rate than Wii to date.

At 535,000 units sold Microsoft's X360 had its best non-holiday month ever, beating September 2007, when Microsoft sold 528,000 X360s. The 'best-month' figure ever looks more impressive when you recognize that September 2007 had five weeks, for an average of about 106,000 units sold per week, while February 2011 was closer to 134,000 units per week. On a weekly basis, Microsoft's best previous month was about 111,000 units per week in July 2010 - when the X360 Slim first had an entire month on the market.

On the software front, NPD says Call of Duty: Black Ops is now the top selling game of all time (non-bundled) in the United States at 13.7 million units. The NPD multiplatform top ten for February 2011 saw Activision's  mega-hit as the number one game of the month, as did VGChartz data.

1) Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision:  360, PS3, WII, NDS, PC) - 775,000 (likely without PC)
2) Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Capcom: 360, PS3) - 790,200
3) Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft: Wii) - 554,000
4) NBA 2K11 (Take-Two: 360, PS3, PSP, WII, PS2, PC) - About 400k?
5) Dead Space 2 (EA: 360, PS3, PC) - 311,900
6) Zumba Fitness: Join the Party (Majesco: WII, 360, PS3) - 301,000
7) Bulletstorm (EA: 360, PS3, PC) - 285,600
8) Killzone 3 (Sony: PS3) - 279,600
9) Michael Jackson The Experience (Ubisoft: WII, DS, PSP) - About 220k - 260k?
10) Mario Sports Mix (Nintendo: WII) - 200,000

12 others > 100,000

Dragon Quest VI - 50,000

De Blob 2 - well under 75,000

The top ten helps explain the lift for all consoles. Just Dance 2 and Mario Sports Mix did well as Wii exclusives, Marvel vs. Capcom, Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, and Killzone each did well for the HD systems. Zumba and Michael Jackson also did quite well as major motion games. NBA 2k11 and Call of Duty also remain huge multi-platform hits, pushing just about every system to some degree.

Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan has also indicated that Kinect topped Move by a ratio of over 5:1 once again in February, as has been the case for several months now.

More information will be edited into this article as it arrives.

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Immortal (on 11 March 2011)

Wow! Wii rides back up for no reason whatsoever. It would be hillarious if Wii could go up YOY now, 'specially after the never ending spree of >100k YOY loss weeks.

thismeintiel (on 11 March 2011)

True. I was just looking at it compared to the 360. It was said to have gone up ~ 25% revenue wise and the HW was up about that, at 27%. So I just went with 25%. Of course, you are right. Probably shouldn't have jumped the gun. :-)

TheSource (on 11 March 2011)

The 25% increase for PS3 is revenue, not HW - that is why I haven't edited in a PS3 figure. It could be up more or less than 25% if the avg selling price changed.

thismeintiel (on 11 March 2011)

@ yahoocom1984 Actually, KZ3 is undertracked. NPD puts it at 280K for the US alone, while VGC has it at 254K for all of America. Which means it probably launched much closer to KZ2's , which launched with 359K for all of the Americas.

thismeintiel (on 11 March 2011)

Hhm. If the number I said is right, looks like the PS3 was undertracked here for Americas. Again, if the 450K is right, that's only for the US. VGC has all of America at ~377K for all of Feb (minus 2 days).

yahoocom1984 (on 11 March 2011)

No, VGCHARTZ's Americas' data for Black Ops is around 13.4 million units (which includes Canada, Mexico and South America), But NPD's US data is 13.7 million units

kivi95 (on 11 March 2011)

Michael-5 # this is america sales,you are thoning about worldwide sales.

kivi95 (on 11 March 2011)

Michael-5 # this is america sales,you are thoning about worldwide sales.

thismeintiel (on 11 March 2011)

So the PS3 should be around 450K. That is if it saw the ~25% increase described in the linked article. So about the same as the Wii.

Michael-5 (on 11 March 2011)

Black Ops is at 13.7 million? What? VGC has it at about 10 and 9 million each. That figure makes no sence combined or independently. Unless that the number of copies of Black Ops (360) shipped.

yahoocom1984 (on 11 March 2011)

Killzone 3 was not undertracted, COD BO is undertracted!

yahoocom1984 (on 11 March 2011)

Killzone 3 was not undertracted, COD BO is undertracted!

vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 10 March 2011)

mvc3 is VERY undertracked...

vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 10 March 2011)

mvc3 is VERY undertracked...

Americant_heroxbox (on 10 March 2011)

wow,,,xbox360 numbers make me very happy ...

ArkZero (on 10 March 2011)

Black Ops is way undertracked NPD: 13.7m combined VGC: 6.75m 3.98m = 10.73m Source:

dsage01 (on 10 March 2011)

i saw here killzone 3 sold 280k for U.S.A. in one week and bullet storm got 285k(both systems) wii,killzone3 and bulletstorm look undertracked to me. Here is the link

Nintendogamer (on 10 March 2011)

Wii under-tracked by 134,000 but we will see it being adjusted up by about 100K, no biggie at least up is the direction it's going to, so 40.78M after adjustment, meaning it's above PS1's LT sales in America's

TheWon (on 10 March 2011)

The Wii sold 454,000, and Just Dance 2 Sold 554,000. So we have a better idea of the numbers! Impressive 360, and Wii still holding your own!