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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 18 October 2009 / 89,366 Views

After the last article bearing this very title, I received quite a few messages about a few items that I had missed.  I figured that I could more than easily fill up a second list, especially since the last seemed so popular.  The premise is simple; this is a list of ten more notable sexual situations in a video game that could easily make the player uncomfortable.  For example, the last list contained a bit about the instances where Otacon hit on Solid Snake all those times in the Metal Gear series.  The list is not limited to budding ‘bromances’ as you will soon see.  This time the entries are not ranked and are place in no particular order.      



cloudinadress-a.gif picture by spdk1

Hot tubs are not fun

Cloud was always put in situations where his manhood came under question in the Final Fantasy series.  Personally I believe that to be the reason for his over-compensation in weaponry as seen in the game; I mean does he really need a sword that big?  Anyway, I would like to start the list off from an event that takes place right at the extreme beginning of Final Fantasy 7, while still in Midgar.  At one point in the game cloud not only has to dress in drag in order to sneak into a brothel, but he presumably gets sexually assaulted by a large hairy body builder named Mukki.  This scene either happens while Cloud is unconscious or in a hot tub, both are creepy. To see the scene in question look no further:




bridgetil1.jpg picture by spdk1

Dude Looks like a lady

The creators of the Guilty Gear franchise must love to mess with their fans, especially by making fans question their sexual orientation.  Thus is the exact reason for a character named Bridget in the Guilty Gear franchise.  As evidenced by the picture above, Bridget appears to be a “moe” style cute anime character.  Dressed in the provocative nun costume Bridget is suddenly a creepy sex object.  But Bridget has a surprise, she is a he.  He was born in a village where twins were seen as bad luck, so he was put up for adoption and raised as a little girl for some reason.  After that he was made into a bounty hunter and yadda yadda yadda the game has a weird story.  Publicity photos of Bridget always show him/her as a sex object further making gamers question themselves.     




metal-gear-solid-4-guns-of-the-p-1.jpg picture by spdk1

Turn your head and cough

Hey Metal Gear made the list again!  This series has begun to have a weird fetish with the grabbing of male crotches all of a sudden.  It all began with a scene in Metal Gear Solid 2 where upon meeting Raiden, President Johnson decided to play a bit of “ball hunter” until he was surprised.   He exclaimed, "You're...a man!?", suggesting that he mistook him for a woman due to Raiden's feminine features.  The crotch grabs do not end there, as Naked Snake received one in Metal Gear Solid 3.  Disguised as the Raiden-esque Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov, Snake is assaulted by Colonel Volgin who grabs his meat and potatoes in order to find out if he is Ivan, his gay lover.  There are also jokes using the move in Subsistence and the online game, as well as a full on close quarters move snake can use in Metal Gear Solid 4.    



sex3a.jpg picture by spdk1

Wheelchair sex you say?

Having sat through the incredibly pretentious David Cronenberg film Crash, (from 1996, not the recent one) I have seen my fair share of creepy sex scenes between folks of a handicapped nature.  Nothing against the actual act, but scenes like this are always placed in movies for the sake of perversion.  Now take a Gamecube game from a few years ago called Killer 7.  It made the list last time for its creepy bondage clad ghost helpers, but is here for something a bit grimier this time.   What’s funny is that the sex scene, which is never actually seen – only heard, happens off camera.  But its sheer existence was enough to enrage Jack Thompson, D-bag extraordinaire.  The scene in question revolves around Garcian Smith stumbling upon Harman Smith and Samantha Sitbon engaging in some kind of sexual intercourse.  This is made all that more creepy by the somewhat catatonic state of Harman.  Anyone playing the game probably handled the scene about as well as Garcian did, by being completely silent.



Ash.png picture by spdk1

Anybody know where a leather bar is?       

There really aren’t enough strong gay characters in gaming that don’t resort in some sort of campy stereotype.  Take Ash from Streets of Rage 3 for instance, the guy never stood a chance.  The man, who was a hidden character in the Japanese version, is dressed for success at a leather bar.  He wears tight pants, a golden necklace depicting the female symbol, a leather vest and cap, and black high-heeled leather boots.  He even cries when hit.  You can definitely see why he was cut from the U.S. version.  See what the big deal is:   



932632_20070103_screen002.jpg picture by spdk1


Put my crystal where?


I think the following video of Ar Tonelico speaks for itself:

Not safe for work possibly…Sometimes video game localizers have all of the fun.



birdo0829082.jpg picture by spdk1

Proof of Womanhood

I spoke in the last list of the gender ambiguity in the game Super Mario Bros. 2, when Birdo is revealed to be a transvestite in the game booklet.  While Nintendo has tried to hide this little “goof up” for years by making Birdo appear more feminine in games, they went the extra mile in Captain Rainbow.  In the game Birdo has been tossed in jail on Mimin Island for using a women's restroom.  The officer on duty explains that he is obviously a guy, so he won’t let Birdo out.  Birdo asks Captain Rainbow to find proof that she's a female so she can get out of jail, and he does.  What he finds is a creepy pixilated mystery object with a question mark over it vibrating and buzzing under her pillow.  We all know what it is.  



Untitled.jpg picture by spdk1

I want to return to the womb!

House of the Dead Overkill has to have one of the weirdest endings in a game yet.  Basically after Isaac and Agent G fight a balls to the wall battle with a mutant zombie queen, she lay dead with her legs spread open for all to see.  The somewhat creepy Warden Clement Darling, the man who started the whole mess, comes up and announces that for him to atone for his sins, he must “return to the womb”.  Agent G and Isaac, then have to witness an unsettling rendition of reverse birth that cannot be unseen.



20161848kk7.jpg picture by spdk1

You could say I touch witches…

Sometimes a game premise rolls around, that is so unbelievably perverted that you feel dirty simply reading about it.  Doki Doki Majo Shinpan is just such a game, and albeit not being a hentai (porn) game, it has all of the trimming of one.  The jist of the game is that a middle school kid is asked by an angel to look for witches, to do this he has to look at the female classmates in his school for “witch marks”.  The plot is basically summed up as “creepy guy molests a bunch of girls”.  The game itself not only looks creepy, but was so creepy that is was refused reviews by a few prominent video game reviewers.




Every once in a while game villains are pretty ill conceived, and this evil little statue dude from Kid Niki 3 takes the cake:

I’ll let the picture speak for itself…


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hhaha can't wait for part 3 :p

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hahaha great

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@ tolu619: ps2

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@Citan,The uncomfortable part is that you don't want some particular people to walk into the room while ur playing these particular parts,especially girls or ur parents(if ur still under em).WHat platform is Ar Tonelico?

tolu619 (on 20 October 2009)

This list was funnier than the last.The Cloud thing,the crystal one and the last 1 are the funniest!At least to me.

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big fucking lol @ the crystal thing

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ahah, the last one! i can't believe it made it to the stores!

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The Ar Tonelico video posted should make it easy to figure out why people are excited for Ar Tonelico 3.

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Great list, can't wait for a number 3

Salamursu (on 19 October 2009)

Evil statue dude is propably the most famous fountain in Europe, Mannekin Pis in Brussels, Belgium.

Cyberbeing (on 19 October 2009)

"spdk1 says: I found the cloud picture on a Google search, it appears to be from the official strategy guide...LOL" Close, but it is actually from the UNofficial strategy guide, aka 'The Completely Unauthorized Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Guide' by Versus Books. After 12 years, somehow my copy has survived, but it is quite beat-up as you can see from the cover (2.75MB PNG 150dpi): Anyway, here are some better scans I just made of the relevant sections in the Versus guide: Cross-dressing Cloud (1MB PNG 150dpi): Unspeakable Horrors at the Honeybee Inn (670KB PNG 150dpi):

Citan (on 19 October 2009)

Why on earth is this uncomfortable??? It`s just funny. You have to update your culture.

Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 18 October 2009)

That Ar Tonelico never gets old. :D really, michlle ruff (english voice acteress) must have some real fun voice acting these she must be lol'ing alot due to the scripts. :D As for Cloud... WTF I KNEW IT!! he was sexually assaulted!! poor emo boy. :I

tedsteriscool (on 18 October 2009)

Ar Tonelico...omg XD

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That Ar Tonelico video made me LOL for real.

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Yeah, I laughed pretty hard at the Ar Tonelico one as well. I could easily see it as it was meant to be said, but it was too amusing not to read more into it. Amusing list, all in all.

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wow the cloud thing is just disgusting!

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I might be able to, this one was hard to find 10 though....LOL maybe if I get more PMs like last time with ones missing....:D

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Awesome article man! Will you ever make a 3?

AnthonyW86 (on 18 October 2009)

Haha it's funny how people think that evil little statue dude is perverted, while it's actually a real exisiting statue. It's clearly the belgium statue ''manneke pis'' or pee boy in english: And that crystal video is obviously a badly consealed joke, no way they didn't notice it was perverted while creating that haha.

spdk1 (on 18 October 2009)

I found the cloud picture on a Google search, it appears to be fronm the official strategy guide...LOL

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Oddly i thought that Ar Tonelico clip was actually really sweet.

NicholasCage (on 18 October 2009)

lol wtf @ Ar Tonelico

polingolingo (on 18 October 2009)

if you have played house of dead overkill till the end... you know that has to be by far the most sexually akward moment in gaming history... i dont know why people dont talk enoguh about it....

dolemit3 (on 18 October 2009)

Ar Tonelico clip is absolutely hilarious, every sentence of it.

flagship (on 18 October 2009)

Awesome, and here I thought the whole list was going to be from MGS.

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Just disturbing...

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Wow Japense sick fetish objectiphilia Put the crystal where? LOL

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evil statue dude= WIN

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lol at the crystal one...what were they thinking???

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what about GTA IV the lost and the damned which has the political man who they show nude

Marco (on 18 October 2009)

Metal Gear Solid 4 - best game on consoles

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This list is disgusting. *Waits eagerly for Part 3*

GrotesqueOne (on 18 October 2009)

what about the first DLC for GTAIV with the nude guy?

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who drew that Cloudia picture? .... i mean Cloud.

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I'm not even gonna ask how you know about the second last one :P

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I love Bridget.

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Lol good ones.