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Report: Steam Deck Ships Over 1 Million Units

Report: Steam Deck Ships Over 1 Million Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 October 2022 / 18,447 Views

KDE's David Edmundson in a talk at the Akademy 2022 conference discussed the Steam Deck and the work KDE is doing to improve the device. 

During the talk (at 29:45 in the video) Edmundson revealed shipments for the Steam Deck have surpassed one million units. 

"They have crossed over a million, and they're still processing back orders," said Edmundson.

Check out the description to the talk below:

The Steamdeck is one of the most interesting and excitement big deployments of KDE in recent times.

In this talk I will share how Plasma fits into the Steamdeck and what aspects of KDE made us the right choice for their new userbase. I will then share some of the projects that contractors Blue Systems have been doing for Valve and how the work there benefits not just the Steamdeck but improves the ecosystem for all Plasma users.

Finally we look at what this could mean for KDE on the whole as more vendors gain the same confidence in Plasma.

Thanks, GamingOnLinux.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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gtotheunit91 (on 03 October 2022)

That’s pretty impressive considering you can only get one in a single online location instead of retail!

  • +10
KLAMarine (on 03 October 2022)

Seems big considering this is available by order only.

  • +7
Kakadu18 (on 03 October 2022)

Not bad. Maybe it can reach 5mil in two or so years?

  • +6
2zosteven (on 04 October 2022)

WOW, Congrats in order here

  • +4
Shatts (on 03 October 2022)

So it released on Feb 25th, and sold more than 1 million in about 7 months. Not bad, I expected 5 million lifetime, maybe it will reach it.

  • +2
deerox Shatts (on 03 October 2022)

The lifetime sales is hard to predict since we have no idea how long Valve is going to sell the Steam Deck for. They could keep selling the Steam Deck 20 years from now, for all we know.

  • +1
shikamaru317 deerox (on 03 October 2022)

Not with the current specs. I would imagine they will release iterations of it over time with progressively higher specs, as the system requirements of games increase to the point where Steam Deck can no longer handle them.

  • +3
deerox shikamaru317 (on 03 October 2022)

They will definitely release iterations with upgraded specs, but at what point, if ever, will one of those upgrades be considered a new system?

  • +1
shikamaru317 deerox (on 04 October 2022)

Hard to say, they could take the Apple approach and release a numbered iteration every 2 years or so, or they could take a more traditional console approach and only release one every 6 years or so, or they could take the middle ground and release a numbered successor every 3-4 years.

  • -1
Shatts shikamaru317 (on 04 October 2022)

Wow the timing...

  • -1
Shatts deerox (on 04 October 2022)

Ye it's hard. PS4 and PS5 are considered different systems. DS and 3DS also. However the not so "New" 3ds is still a 3ds.
If Steam Deck decides to just do small upgrades and small announcements, I think we can just include all of that into one family. But if they decide to go like the Apple route, I think it's a new system despite the small upgrades. It all depends on the marketing and name. If they call it the Steam Deck (synonym to upgrade) it's not a new system. If they call it Steam Deck 2, it's probably a new system.

  • 0
Chazore (on 04 October 2022)

That's pretty good considering it's limited to just orders and non new Steam accounts (since you cannot buy them after just creating a new account).

I'm going to be waiting till the next iteration comes about and then I'll add to the number eventually.

  • +1
AJNShelton (on 04 October 2022)

And I’m still waiting to order, but I still believe

  • 0
DonFerrari (on 03 October 2022)

good numbers but much lower than mainstream consoles.

  • -1
gtotheunit91 DonFerrari (on 03 October 2022)

Unlike mainstream consoles though, you can’t just buy one off of Steam. You’ve had to have had a Steam account for a specific amount of time. So you can’t just create a Steam account right now and buy one.

Everyone seems to be forgetting this.

  • +5
DonFerrari gtotheunit91 (on 03 October 2022)

And there are over 100M steam accounts that is several years old right? And again, they are sold out, didn't produce a single extra HW that would be available to be sold even with different way of selling. So your point would be?

  • -3
gtotheunit91 DonFerrari (on 03 October 2022)

Doesn’t help that they were going through the same shortages as everyone else. So 1 million units for what was a glorified experiment for Valve is insanely impressive. Especially considering Steam Deck is meant as a secondary PC. Linux PC in handheld form to take your Steam library on the go with you.

  • +4
DonFerrari gtotheunit91 (on 03 October 2022)

Nahhh, it is always experiment for Valve, just like their "console-like pc".

  • -3
gtotheunit91 DonFerrari (on 03 October 2022)

It really is an experiment when you’ve known how Valve operates for years. The company doesn’t operate the same way as other gaming companies. Someone may come up with an idea and if others agree to it, that’s what a team will work on. Valve has been criticized for this business approach because so much is never done. So yes, every piece of hardware they make is an experiment, because it literally is lol. It’s usually a miracle anything gets released by Valve because so many projects get cancelled.

  • +4
DonFerrari gtotheunit91 (on 03 October 2022)

That seems like a very lousy way of running a company, but well they do rack in billions.

  • -3
gtotheunit91 DonFerrari (on 03 October 2022)

Oh 100% xD Valve can literally just sit there to the end of time and maintain Steam if they wanted to. That’s how Gabe Newell can go live in New Zealand and practically let the company run itself.

  • +3
Zkuq DonFerrari (on 03 October 2022)

Oh, there's definitely some critique regarding the way Valve runs things. From what I've heard, working at Valve sounds quite a bit like politics to me. Anyway, it is what it is, in both the good and the bad.

  • +1
Zyphe gtotheunit91 (on 03 October 2022)

Even if its available at major retail stores or you can pick or walk up to a store, it will not be able to match the Switch sales. Facts

  • -5
gtotheunit91 Zyphe (on 03 October 2022)

Not disagreeing with you. The cheapest Steam Deck costs more than the most expensive Switch.

  • +7
Random_Matt (on 04 October 2022)

Didn't make many then. See this going to the graveyard to be honest.

  • -3
Zyphe (on 03 October 2022)
  • -12
Comment was deleted...