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Sega to Announce New RPG at TGS 2021 Online

Sega to Announce New RPG at TGS 2021 Online - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 16 September 2021 / 1,185 Views

Sega plans to announce a new RPG at Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online. This was posted in the official live stream schedule and spotted by Gematsu.

The description for the "Sega News Tokyo Game Show 2021 Special" event reads "The Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online special for Sega News, Sega’s game news variety program, featuring information on the latest titles from Sega and Atlus. Please look forward to the announcement of a new Sega RPG."

The event takes place on October 1 at 22:00 JST.

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Signalstar (on 16 September 2021)

It will end up being for mobile

  • +6
Signalstar Signalstar (on 17 September 2021)

I was correct, of course

  • +1
ireadtabloids Signalstar (on 17 September 2021)

Well done!

  • 0
gtotheunit91 Signalstar (on 17 September 2021)

I went back to the other top stories just to find your claim. Bravo!

  • -1
Blood_Tears (on 17 September 2021)

Teaser trailer for it states it's a smartphone game, what a waste.

  • +5
yvanjean (on 16 September 2021)

Skies of Arcadia Sequel please available on all platforms.

  • +5
ice yvanjean (on 16 September 2021)

sequel is unlikely but for the love of god give us HD remaster of the original.

  • +6
Poliwrathlord ice (on 16 September 2021)

I'd be very interested in that. I've always wanted to play it but both the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions of the game are way too expensive for me.

  • +2
2zosteven (on 17 September 2021)

Super Sonic RPG, Legend of the seven Rings.

  • +2
shikamaru317 (on 16 September 2021)

Rumor is it's a remake of the original Sakura Wars from 1996.

  • +2
ice shikamaru317 (on 16 September 2021)

25th anniversary, so probably.

  • 0
SanAndreasX shikamaru317 (on 17 September 2021)

That would be awesome… if they localized it.

  • 0
Poliwrathlord (on 16 September 2021)

Whatever it is I hope it's for both Switch and PS5.

  • +1
2zosteven Poliwrathlord (on 17 September 2021)

why just the 2?

  • +2
Poliwrathlord 2zosteven (on 17 September 2021)

I guess I more so meant those two at the least. Obviously every platform would be the best. Not like it matters tho since it's a mobile game.

  • 0
KLXVER (on 17 September 2021)

Hope its Yakuza: Like A Dragon 2.

  • 0
JackHandy (on 16 September 2021)

Is it sad that every time I see that logo and the headline of "Sega to announce"... that I still think "new console"? Why Sega? Why?!?!

  • 0