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PlayStation has 'Strong Ties' With Japanese Licensees

PlayStation has 'Strong Ties' With Japanese Licensees - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 2 days ago / 1,202 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan in an interview with Famitsu (and translated by Gematsu) said that Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio has "strong ties" with Japanese licensees.

"We’re really happy with and proud of the PlayStation Studios titles released by our Worldwide Studios," said Ryan. "Some have already been announced, and others are in wait to be announced in the future.

"Also, Sony Interactive Entertainment has strong ties with Japanese licensees, so going forward we would like to continue to strengthen that cooperation and develop titles made in Japan for PlayStation fans around the world."

PlayStation has 'Strong Ties' With Japanese Licensees

He was also asked about upcoming games from more Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio and he did not provide any specifics other than they will have more to talk about in the future. 

"Nothing I am able to comment on at the moment," he said. "However, Team Asobi’s Astro’s Playroom was truly outstanding. I’ll have more to say about this at a later date."

Ryan says for the foreseeable future they plan on doing online events such as State of Play instead of any events in person. 

"Right now, we anticipate we’ll be doing online events," he said. "As 2020 has shown us, online events are the safest and most efficient."

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KazumaKiryu (2 days ago)

Cant wait of Persona 6, Final Fantasy 16, Yakuza 8, Granblue Fantasy, the new Tales of, Digimon Survive, Gran Turismo 7, Demon Slayer Fighting/Adventure, more beautiful Anime-Games(and Anime-Series by Sony), JRPGs ect < 3 And maybe Metal Gear Solid Remake and a new Silent Hill Game for PlayStation 5! And Ghost of Tsushima is the biggest love for Japanese culture there is. I love it!

  • +2
Ayla (2 days ago)

He's lying

  • +1
Rafie Ayla (2 days ago)


  • 0
Ayla Rafie (1 day ago)

Everything. This man doesn't know how to tell the truth.

  • -3
wahwah (1 day ago)

I hope he means some big budget titles like Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter and not all that anime crap with little girls.

  • 0
Qwark (2 days ago)

Many series like Atelier, Ys, The legend of Heroes, Persona, Monster Hunter, Tales of, Nioh still use PlayStation as their primairy release platform

  • 0
dx11332sega (2 days ago)

With final fantasy, and nioh etc PS5 is the go to console for japanese game experiences.

  • -1
Kanemaru (2 days ago)

So strong they're the only games they censor. Yeah, very touching. Can't wait for me to decide if I'll take an xbox or a switch. Decisions...

  • -1
  • -10
Jranation (2 days ago)

Yes Money talks

  • -2
Red_Beard (2 days ago)

Is that why I'm buying less and less JP games for PS and more and more for PC?

  • -3
TheTitaniumNub (2 days ago)

I don't understand. Sony is a Japanese company, so why wouldn't they?

  • -4

Actually Sonys HQ is now in California and they act like an american company recently.

  • +3

I didn't know, thanks for the info! I'm not up to date when it comes to Sony :P

  • -1