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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes to be Announced This Week, According to Rumor

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes to be Announced This Week, According to Rumor - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 February 2021 / 1,507 Views

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which originally launched for the Nintendo DS in 2006, have been rumored to be getting remakes this year for the Nintendo Switch. Sources have said the game will be announced sometime this month. 

Pokemon’s 25th anniversary is this Saturday, February 27, which is the same day the original games launched in Japan for the Game Boy in 1996.

Centro Pokemon via Twitter is reporting the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be announced ahead of the 25th anniversary this week. If the remakes are real and are launching this year there is a decent chance they will be announced this week. 

The Pokemon Company is also celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pokemon by releasing New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch on April 30 for $59.99.

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shikamaru317 (on 22 February 2021)

Alot of leakers have said the remakes are coming this year, including the guy who leaked the Sword and Shield name like 2 years before they were announced. If they are coming this year, it does make sense for them to be announced soon. As I recall, both Sword/Shield and Sun/Moon were announced in late February, around the 26-27th, of the years they were released.

  • +4
Ljink96 (on 22 February 2021)

I never completed Gen 4 but I really love what I did play of it. I especially remember the soundtrack being amazing. I look forward to the remakes.

  • +2
Cerebralbore101 (on 23 February 2021)

I bet they release it with a limited roster, lazy animations, and shortened routes. Remakes need to move the franchise forward like Soulsilver/HeartGold did, not backwards.

  • +1
Qwark (on 22 February 2021)

Seriously doubt it since we just had a direct

  • +1
SecondWar Qwark (on 22 February 2021)

Reign in your doubt. Nintendo often do major Pokemon announcements by themselves. I think Sword and Shield were announced in such a way shortly after a Nintendo Direct.

  • +4
Chazore (on 22 February 2021)

If they're going to completely change up the game and make it a lot more like S&S, then I ain't picking this up.

I want a remake more akin to Heart Gold & Soul Silver.

  • +1
Darwinianevolution Chazore (on 22 February 2021)

Heart Gold & Soul Silver is the quality all Pokemon games should strive for.

  • +7
Ka-pi96 (on 22 February 2021)

Hope so! Really loved Sinnoh the first time round.

Just hope it's more like the gen 2 remakes than the gen 3 ones. The gen 2 ones were some of the best Pokemon games I've ever played. The gen 3 ones I haven't actually played myself, but I've heard almost entirely bad things about them so... yeah, like HGSS please!

  • +1
Otter (on 23 February 2021)

This may be the first pokemon game I pick up for a while. SS didn't impress me much, hopefully they've improved on the tech behind that game.

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