Dev on Xbox Series X and PS5: End User Experience Matters Most, Specs for Both have Pros and Cons

Dev on Xbox Series X and PS5: End User Experience Matters Most, Specs for Both have Pros and Cons - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 September 2020 / 2,283 Views

Metronomik game director Wan Hazmer, who is working on the action adventure game No Straight Roads, in an interview with GamingBolt said the upcoming next generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, both have their pros and cons. However, he says the end user experience is what matters the most.

"We’re sure the technology of both systems has its pros and cons, but what we’re looking forward to most is what these consoles bring to the user experience in the end, not only in terms of the games themselves but also the services that are attached to these games," said Hazmer.

"Sure, we can make fully seamless games with a faster SSD and richer graphics with a better core processor, and to be honest we’re very excited to develop for both, but at the end of the day, it’s the end user-experience that matters.

Dev on Xbox Series X and PS5: End User Experience Matters Most, Both have Pros and Cons

"We want to see how these systems would integrate with the lifestyle and interests of the user outside of the game. In the field of music, it’s important for us to not only see the audio tech but also how these systems utilize the metaverse of cultures in its ecosystem, how well these systems understand the user, how it integrates with music libraries, online communities, etc.

"Creating a crafted experience that would seamlessly touch upon the user’s area of relevance in certain points would be wonderful, in a next-gen sort of way."

The Xbox Series X and PS5 will launch in Holiday 2020.

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Azzanation (on 07 August 2020)

It will always be about the games. A good game can be created on a toaster.

method114 (on 07 August 2020)

I think it's both. I think good graphics help pull you into the world and the overall experience. It doesn't mean bad graphics or sub par graphics makes a bad game but good graphics do mean something.

  • +2
John2290 (on 07 August 2020)

Exactly. The last of us two would go to a 5/10 down from a 7 if it wasn't for the incredible production value in sound, visuals and animation. Same with RDR2, if it wasn't as well produced as it was it likely woudn't have reached a 9/10 for me. Graphics do matter but as seen with Ghost of Tsushima they don't need to be photo real, they just need to look good, have a great artstyle and be clean and well lit. I think GoT looks better than most games because of it's artstyle and choice to fill the game with loads of moving particles and other visual stuff instead of trying for realism but it isn't even close to the realism of TLOU2 or RDR2. Man, we could have had much better looking games by now should the power not always be redirected to resolution or the time and man power to rendering realism and I'm not talking about having games look like a Rare game or a Nintendo game but a game filled with stuff on screen. More stuff, more artstyle and get those file sizes down along with dev time and cost and it all feeds back into more games for us and more profit for the companies making the games with a plus of less tedious crunch and more room to be creative.

  • +2
BraLoD (on 09 August 2020)

Specially the Sonic toaster.

  • 0
Maluigi (on 07 August 2020)

Words of wisdom.

DialgaMarine (on 07 August 2020)

Both having pros and cons is a given. The narrative that PS5 is “weak” though is annoying as hell.

mjk45 (on 07 August 2020)

meterverse of cultures that what games are missing , game play bedamned

Cobretti2 (on 09 August 2020)

This used to be true when DVD players and Blu-Ray players were very expensive and TVs were not so smart for digital content delivery. The console needed those other bells and whistles to stand out. Now not so much. A smart TV has all the apps needed these days. Or people connect up a small android or apple device for those needs. Hell I can even connect my computer and smart phone to the TV easily now. People just have so many options. It is similar to how when the PSP first come out. It was the best media player on the go. Now my smart phone does all that at more and with PS VITA i found myself gaming more so then using it for other purposes.

DonFerrari (on 07 August 2020)

That is pretty obvious, still their game won`t be what I have interest into.