Marvelís Avengers to Add Playable Spider-Man Exclusively to PS5 and PS4 in Early 2021

Marvelís Avengers to Add Playable Spider-Man Exclusively to PS5 and PS4 in Early 2021 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 September 2020 / 2,133 Views

Publisher Square Enix and developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal announced the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of Marvel’s Avengers will be getting exclusive content. The game on the PlayStation consoles will be adding Spider-Man as a playable character for free in early 2021.

Marvel’s Avengers will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on September 4. It will launch for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in Holiday 2020.

Marvel’s Avengers to Add Playable Spider-Man Exclusively to PlayStation in Early 2021

Read the details below:

Every once in a while, life presents you with a moment where your pursuits and your passions converge. Today is one such moment for me because I get to be the first to announce that our own Crystal Dynamics take on Spider-Man is teaming up with Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow of Marvel’s Avengers.

This is so personal for me because I cannot remember a time when I didn’t love Marvel and its colorful characters, each more real and believable than the next. But despite my enjoyment of Captain America, Iron Man Black Widow, and the other Avengers, there was always one character I saw myself reflected in, and that was Peter Parker: The Sensational Spider-Man. Now I’m getting to channel my lifelong enjoyment of the character into a version of the interactive hero that I hope inspires the next generation of creators… and well, it’s my dream come true.

His allying with our Marvel’s Avengers heroes is in perfect symmetry with my exposure to the character. When I was young, I accumulated a massive collection of Spider-Man books that told both dramatic and humorous stories of this colorful crime fighter, who was a fixture of Marvel’s New York, and that used his powers and ingenuity to protect his “neighborhood.” But one day I read an issue that pushed him out of his natural settings and into the larger world, with hilarious results. The story was titled “The Commuter Cometh!,” and it was a fantastic yarn about Spider-Man hunting down a robber in the suburbs.

Watching Spider-Man adapt to new surroundings was such a great contrast to his status quo. That tone is exactly what we want to capture for him in Marvel’s Avengers. A familiar but fresh Spider-Man who needs to evolve to take on global threats alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

A Sensational Spider Hero

To make sure this team up goes smoothly, Vince Napoli, our lead combat designer, is hard at work making Spider-Man just as great on the sticks as he is on the page. This means making sure our hero moves and fights like he should, no matter which one of our War Zones he finds himself in. When he’s arcing through the air on his web line, we want you to feel graceful and light, and be able to utilize a variety of web configurations and gadgets to enhance your traversal. Spider-Man’s impressive acrobatic abilities will complement the experience, allowing you to seamlessly transition from navigation to combat.

When Spider-Man takes on evil-doers, he’ll do so fluidly with his signature flair; but also, with the enhanced customization options we’ve created for Marvel’s Avengers. Just like our other heroes, you’ll get to use the unique skill trees Vince and his team have designed to specialize how your Spider-Man plays in our world. An impressive suite of iconic abilities and attacks will be at your disposal, and you get to decide which gadgets and skills you wish to upgrade. These enhancements will be necessary for him to take on the threats coming his way.

A Sensational Take on Spider-Man

Despite all the great solo adventures Spider-Man’s been on, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel is going to add a whole new dimension. Players are going to face the world’s most dangerous threats together, using Spider-Man’s innate powers… boosted with a little help from his new friends. Partnering with the Avengers gives Spider-Man complete access to the impressive technology available to the team, such as custom web shooter-based technology from Hank Pym, SHIELD, Stark Industries, and more. And by constructing the perfect gear and skills combinations, you’ll get the chance to live your Super Hero dreams through your ideal Spider-Man.

A Sensational Sense of Style

It’s not enough for Spider-Man to just play like he should… he also needs to look like he should. That’s why when going through the process of conceptualizing his suit, we went back to the beginning. Steve Ditko set the standard with his Spider-Man design, and John Romita Sr. evolved it into an icon recognized the world over. Fans can expect to see Ditko and Romita’s influence in our take on the hero, with nods to other talented artists that have defined the character’s look over his long history.

A Sensational Celebration

When Spider-Man comes to our stable of heroes, we’ll be marking his debut with an in-game event that will introduce him to the wider world of Marvel’s Avengers. The event is comprised of a series of unique challenges for the hero to take on, testing his abilities, and yielding some exciting results. And like the rest of our heroes in Marvel’s Avengers, we will offer multiple cosmetic outfits and gameplay experience options, so you can make your vision of the wall crawler a reality.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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FloatingWaffles (on 03 August 2020)

this is truly the worst type of money hatting tbh, and I guess we can expect Sony to continue to keep doing this like they did with other big games like Destiny and Modern Warfare this gen

  • -10
FloatingWaffles (on 03 August 2020)

I have no idea what that's even supposed to mean

  • +11
LudicrousSpeed (on 03 August 2020)

Gamers: man money hats were pretty bad last gen Sony: hold my beer

  • -8
Colocho (on 03 August 2020)

I take it you had similar remarks at Xbox's apparent money hatting of 22 "console lunch xclusives"!??! If I remember correctly, people r not very fond of "time xclusives"!... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • +8
LudicrousSpeed (on 03 August 2020)

This isn't a MS vs Sony thing

  • -3
Azzanation (on 04 August 2020)

Colocho, Timed and permanent are very different, tho Time exclusives suck however gamers will eventually get the chance to play timed. A permanent is in all forms the worst method. Its not like Sony need Spidey to sell consoles.

  • 0
JWeinCom (on 03 August 2020)

Funding a sequel in a niche franchise like Marvel Ultimate that the publisher would probably be reluctant to release otherwise= Good. Paying to develop a Spider-man game that will finally be treated like a major AAA release= Good. Paying money so that content that was going to be created anyway won't be available to other customers= Shit. Even though I have a PS4, I'd still boycott this out of principle. Thankfully, the game doesn't look that great anyway, so I won't be tempted.

DonFerrari (on 03 August 2020)

It was expected but not a good thing, the same way it is his favorite char it will also be for players outside playstation, so yes an exclusive game is one thing but to have this one missing from a version not good... At least the game isn't supposed to focus on the famous super heroes right?

Srex117 (on 03 August 2020)

Well that sucks. At least they could put Spidey on PC. Timed exclusives are awful but taking content that is in a game and locking it from other systems is 10 time worst

axumblade (on 03 August 2020)

Curious if this was in the renegotiation for the rights to Spider-Man that almost took Spider-Man out of the cinematic universe. Either way, I care more about the Spider-Man game than Marvel's Avengers so this won't have any effect on me.

JWeinCom (on 04 August 2020)

Almost certainly not... This is a pretty minor deal in terms of how much additional revenue they're going to get from it. Whereas the Spidey/MCU deal is hundreds of millions at least. No way this would factor into the negotiations, even if the game rights were something that Marvel owns (I'm not sure they do).

  • 0
Colocho (on 03 August 2020)

I wonder if there will b any story connections between this game n PS4's spider-man or Myles Morales... 🤔🤔. Excited to learn more.

Sogreblute (on 03 August 2020)

I've seen people say it's cause Sony owns Spider-Man. No, that's not true. Sony only owns the film license, everything else is Marvel. Sony used to have the merchandise license until it was sold back to Marvel. Also in 2005 Marvel and Activision extended their video game license together. If Sony really owned Spider-Man that wouldn't have happened, and neither Spider-Man being in MUA3.

Ljink96 (on 03 August 2020)

I mean, I don't necessarily care about the game but this is kinda scummy.

Chazore (on 04 August 2020)

This is why I find myself wanting to buy less and less of your games SE. You treat PC and Xbox like third class, charge high and then pull this kind of crap... Like why would I even bother buying from you again, if this is how you're going to treat me?. Like I could imagine if all the other platforms got their own exclusive character, which would be treating others with regards, but you aren't, you're just sucking up to Sony, like you always do. SE is probably one of the most biased Japanese companies known to man.

Azzanation (on 04 August 2020)

Moves like this will now Tempt MS to possibly lock Batman away if they plan on buying WB Games, this is not the way to start a generation.

method114 (on 04 August 2020)

I already expected MS to lock Batman away if they got it. Would be a smart move to do that. They need more console exlusives.

  • 0
Mystro-Sama (on 04 August 2020)

This is pretty cringe. Playstation consoles already have a full fledged open world Spiderman game and another on the way.

think-man (on 04 August 2020)

Sony wants Spiderman all for themselves.

SecondWar (on 03 August 2020)

This makes me want to get the Xbox version out of spite.

TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 03 August 2020)

Doesn't Sony own the rights to Spider-man? This shouldn't seem like a surprise.

LudicrousSpeed (on 03 August 2020)

He was in Ultimate Alliance 3.

  • +7
SecondWar (on 03 August 2020)

They definitely own the film rights, but I don't think it extends to other media like video games. Spiderman is in the Lego Marvel games, and the older Activision titles, which were all multi-plat. He related characters like Venom were in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch. Somy holding the rights doesn't seem to be the issue.

  • 0
JWeinCom (on 03 August 2020)

No, they own the movie rights. Spider-man has been appearing in games on all consoles since the 2000.

  • +4
TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 04 August 2020)

Ah ok, bad move Sony!

  • +1
gamingsoul (on 03 August 2020)

Sony owns spiderman obviously they will milk their precious possession, importing the character models and move set shouldn't be hard to do. I think it's a smart move by Sony marvel's spiderman was a mega hit, they will keep riding the wave.

shikamaru317 (on 04 August 2020)

Sony has the Spider-Man film rights, but as far as we know, the game rights belong to Marvel, not Sony. That is why Spidey appeared in a WB LEGO game in 2017 and in the Nintendo published Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in 2019.

  • +3

Comments below voting threshold

hunter_alien (on 04 August 2020)

Spidey is a Sony property... makes sense honestly. Let's not fool ourselves, this is business as usual.

shikamaru317 (on 04 August 2020)

Sony has the Spider-Man film rights, but as far as we know, the game rights belong to Marvel, not Sony. That is why Spidey appeared in a WB LEGO game in 2017 and in the Nintendo published Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in 2019.

  • +2
hunter_alien (on 04 August 2020)

Meh... still don't care. Any company that can get any exclusive content does it. I own a PS4 and will own a PS5 but don't really care about the game at all. Still, I love how some people pretend that it's shocking and horrible what is happening here, yet MS is doing everything they can, just to gather some exclusive content around their system. As I said, business as usual, and it's done to atract gamers to their system.

  • -4
Srex117 (on 04 August 2020)

Nope, your wrong. Having timed exclusivity (what ms is doing) is still much lesser evil then content cut. We both will pay the same price but you will get more for same money, it doesnt matter if its just 1 character or whole mode. With timed exclusive, when you get game later you always get all content released and price is lower, so you pay lets say 50$ for a game and all dlc while someone who got the game on release day have to pay 60% for a game and then more money for season pass.

  • -1
hunter_alien (on 04 August 2020)

The only reason they have timed exclusives is that they couldn't secure full exclusivity. Grow up, MS would do this in a heartbeat if they would have any clout left in the gaming industry, something that they are missing, for at least half a decade now.

  • 0
Srex117 (on 04 August 2020)

I didnt say that MS wouldnt do the same,i know they would. I just say that if i have option to get a game 2-3 months later with all dlcs for less then 60$, or to get a game at release, pay 60$ and still get less then someone who got the game on Xbox/PS/PC/Switch i would much rather choose first option. But either way timed exclusives or content cut, doesnt matter, they both are awfulbut i know that is how this industry work.

  • +1
Moonhero (on 03 August 2020)

Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man. They can control where he goes.

shikamaru317 (on 04 August 2020)

Sony has the Spider-Man film rights, but as far as we know, the game rights belong to Marvel, not Sony. That is why Spidey appeared in a WB LEGO game in 2017 and in the Nintendo published Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in 2019.

  • +1
V-r0cK (on 03 August 2020)

Not surprised. At least its exclusive to characters Sony owns and not trying to get exclusives to characters that they don't own. Smart move by Sony because lets face it, if any of us worked at Sony we would do the exact same thing. If MS ends up buying Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment I expect MS to do the same with all the DC characters (if allowed depending on the contract).

JWeinCom (on 04 August 2020)

Sony doesn't own Spider-man, they own the movie rights.

  • 0
Random_Matt (on 03 August 2020)

Money hating is ok depending on what brand you support, pathetic whoever does it. Comment are not surprising so far to be honest.