Halo: The Master Chief Collection Getting Cross-Play Support This Year

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Getting Cross-Play Support This Year - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 September 2020 / 1,074 Views

343 Industries in the latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection Halo Waypoint development post announced in the features that are in development that the game will be getting cross-play between the Xbox and PC versions. Cross-play will be added later this year.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched first for the Xbox One in November 2014 and for PC in December 2019. Cross-play between the two versions has been highly requested by fans.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Getting Cross-Play Support This Year

Read the complete development status on the game below:


    • Crossplay 
    • Input Based MM 
    • Sever Region Selection 
    • Custom Game Browser 
    • Per Game Graphics Options 
    • Per Game Audio Options 
    • M&K Support for Xbox 
    • PC Fileshare 
    • Double Keybinds for all games 
    • Viewmodel adjustments for all games 
    • In game FPS Cap/Adjustments 
    • Steam Account Linking 

    I can also give you a window into some features that are planned to be released together based on how they’re progressing: 

    • Planned to release together: Crossplay, Input Based MM, and Server Region Selection.
    • Planned to release together: Custom Game Browser, Per Game Graphics Options, and M&K Support for Xbox

    In addition to the above, we are committed to bringing ODST Campaign & Halo 4 on PC, as well ODST Firefight (with updated networking) to both Xbox and PC in 2020. 


    As we move forward with features, it is also important that we continue to support bugs and quality of life improvements. Aside from our normal bug fixing efforts, we have a team that will be solely dedicated to bug fixing spinning up in August. This will include areas like: 

    • Performance improvements for all games on both PC & Xbox 
    • Improved Uncapped framerate (looking at you Reach & H2A
    • Community requested bugs 
    • UI/UX Improvements around navigation, roster, customization, and many more areas of the game  
    • Achievement issues


    Due to unforeseen development issues, Season 1 lasted much longer than planned. We have now resolved those issues and have stood up our content pipeline alongside the launch of Halo 3 on PC. We are building A LOT more content that will allow us to bring some new and exciting things to you on a more regular cadence. We will continue to share some of this as pieces come online. 


    There has not been a lot of communication from us on this and I’ve been asked about this a lot when speaking to people in the community. Our goal is still to support modding, but due to shift in development priorities that tends to happen over the course of a project, modding has continued to get pushed back over the past 6 or so months. The good news here is that we have reached a point where we are now able to spend some cycles to get the conversations, design, and planning going again. I am also now in active iteration on the EULA that lays out the ground rules for modding and player generated content with our legal team.

    I understand this will be disappointing news to many of you, but the silver lining here is the EULA is in late stages. Once it is ready, we will re-assess what we can accomplish in the short, mid, and long-term timelines. Modding is close to my heart so I hope to be able to ramp this effort up more soon.


    We’ve had a lot of feedback here and while I don’t have much to share yet, I will say that we are actively having conversations and have adjusted process so that we are ingesting tickets that come in from support in a more efficient manner. This will enable us to turn around quicker feedback loops as well as action on bugs and problems more rapidly. We will continue to iterate on this process as time goes on. 


    • UI/UX Improvements around navigation, roster, customization, and many more areas of the game  
    • View Model Adjustment for all games  
    • Steam Account Linking  
    • In Game FPS Cap/Adjustments  
    • PC File Share 
    • Additional Video Settings/Options (Added) 
    • Custom Game Browser (Added) 
    • Input-based Matchmaking (Added) 
    • Regional Server Selection (Added) 
    • Cross-Play between Xbox & PC (Added) 
    • Double Key Binds for all games (Added) 


    • Additional Mod Support    
    • Text Chat Improvements 
    • Better ways to Report Players  
    • VFR Improvements to Reach & H2A  
    • Per Game Audio Options (Added) 


    • Text chat on/off Option (Added) 
    • Idle System Improvements 
    • Bringing PC Features to Console (Like FOV Sliders)
    • Additional Accessibility Support
    • Split Screen on PC
    • HDR Support on PC

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    Mr Puggsly (on 02 August 2020)

    I honestly thought it had crossplay already. Either way, all the updates planned sound awesome. I guess selling millions more on PC encouraged them to keep working on it.

    trunkswd (on 03 August 2020)

    It has cross-play between Steam and Microsoft Store versions, but not Xbox and PC.

    • +1
    shikamaru317 (on 02 August 2020)

    Better be optional crossplay. Controller players on console are at a big disadvantage against mouse players on PC.

    trunkswd (on 02 August 2020)

    I've been hoping for cross-play for at least the campaign. I've got it on Xbox, but my PC is currently stuck on Windows 8 and I don't want to buy it again on Steam.

    • 0
    JRPGfan (on 03 August 2020)

    I remember this being a issue for other games too. Even sea of theives, apparently pc players even early into it, had cheats, along with better aiming (mouse). Xbox players got rolled over.

    • +2
    mjk45 (on 03 August 2020)

    well at least they are adding M&K support for xbox

    • 0
    crissindahouse (on 03 August 2020)

    I play Halo with controller on PC since that'S how I've always played Halo and my stats are pretty much the same as back then when I played on Xbox. I really don't see a big disadvantage with the auto-aim.

    • +1
    mjk45 (on 03 August 2020)

    They mentioned input based matchmaking I take it input means controller or M&K.

    JRPGfan (on 03 August 2020)

    Isn't this want xbox fans say they didnt want? Playing against PC players that use keyboard & mouse. They championed crossplay, until they had to play against pc players.

    crissindahouse (on 03 August 2020)

    I have around the same stats with controller on PC as I had on Xbox so I guess the auto-aim makes it almost even.

    • 0
    Azzanation (on 03 August 2020)

    I believe there will be options to who you choose to game agasint, Sea of Thieves has an option to either play agasint controller onlys or keyboard and mouse players or both.

    • 0