Xbox Online Multiplayer Might Become Free, According to Rumors

Xbox Online Multiplayer Might Become Free, According to Rumors - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 August 2020 / 1,595 Views

In order to play multiplayer games online on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 you have to pay for it with a varying price point depending on the console. This started back on the original Xbox with the launch of Xbox Live in 2002. However, it is possibly Microsoft might be doing away with paid multiplayer. 

Rumors have been going around Microsoft plans to make multiplayer free for all in the future. The company has dropped the ability to buy one year of Xbox Live Gold and only having single and three month available for purchase. 

GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb via Twitter says that Microsoft plans to drop Xbox Live Gold and make online multiplayer free on the Xbox and they won't force people into buying Game Pass Ultimate in order to play online. 

"Xbox Live Gold is going away and playing online multiplayer will be free," said Grubb. "They will not force you into Ultimate to play online."

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TallSilhouette (on 31 July 2020)

Would be great news. Hope Sony follows suit.

Jranation (on 31 July 2020)

Holy fuck this could be big.

Manlytears (on 31 July 2020)

That is a megaton for sure... but i doubt it, live keeps xbox alive, and if they go free they will need another "golden hen". That's a big bet, one that can put xbox back in the race or cause some gigantic damage.

xMetroid (on 01 August 2020)

Game pass is what they are pushing for now. So giving free online could boost it up.

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Azzanation (on 31 July 2020)

Makes sense now that GamePass is a thing. Its a big call tho, Live generates billions.

NyanNyanNekoChan (on 01 August 2020)

I've never liked the idea of having to pay to be able to play online, besides from the mmo ffxiv, I haven't used any of the online modes in a video game for 10 years.

Mr Puggsly (on 31 July 2020)

I am skeptical just because how much money it generates. I would sooner believe they remove that pay wall for F2P games.

dane007 (on 31 July 2020)

If u get gamepass ultimate then u will have xbox live. Guessing they will make people get that to play online which means getting gamepass. They could add it to normal gamepass as well

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Wman1996 (on 01 August 2020)

This would be an amazing pro-consumer move. But it would be a big gamble for Microsoft. Paid online is their thing. They are the only console maker where you have always had to pay for their online service. They almost always sell their consoles at a loss. Software, Xbox Live, and Game Pass is where their money comes from. On the other hand, I think more consoles and software would be sold if online was free. Heck, you'd get more Game Pass subscribers as well.

AsGryffynn (on 02 August 2020)

Their consoles actually seem to profit them, just not nearly as much as services. One would also have to wonder how the Steam sales are adding to their arks now as well.

Maybe a drier stream but a stream nonetheless is good in the long term, especially for xCloud. Remember that online services were a "novelty" when the company did it on the original. It's perfectly possible they might actually have similar foresight here as they did when they pushed for online then and they essentially forced even Nintendo into it.

If true, then they might not only throw Stadia out altogether, but repeat the 360s' success story.

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thismeintiel (on 01 August 2020)

We've already had XSX trailers saying Gold required to play, membership sold separately. Highly doubt they would put that in the trailers, then get rid of Gold.

DPsx7 (on 31 July 2020)

I hated them for bringing it to the console market so it would be nice if they do away with it and everyone follows suit. I just wonder what's gonna get jacked up to compensate for that income stream.

JRPGfan (on 31 July 2020)

I saw this on resetera, it was corrected though. Its free-to-play multiplayer games, will be free to play online, like on PS4/Switch, now on future Xbox's.

SanAndreasX (on 01 August 2020)

So premium games' MP will still be behind a paywall?

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method114 (on 31 July 2020)

I'd be shocked if MS did this I really would. It's basically just giving up so much money in the hopes that what? Sony players will come to your console? Huge risk.

GamingRabbit (on 31 July 2020)

Would be huge. I dont understand why I have to pay for online a 2nd time anyways, if I already paid for it with the price for the game. It's like as if you buy a car, but you dont get the keys for it until you agree to pay an additional monthly fee.

GamingRabbit (on 31 July 2020)

Would be huge. I dont understand why I have to pay for online a 2nd time anyways, if I already paid for it with the price for the game. It's like as if you buy a car, but you dont get the keys for it until you agree to pay an additional monthly fee.

Azzanation (on 31 July 2020)

You buy a car, you still need to pay for fuel to use it..
But i get your point.

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iceland (on 31 July 2020)

This is actually anti-consumer as they're removing options from us. Fuck you M$

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Bandorr (on 31 July 2020)

They haven't changed the price of game pass deluxe though. It's $180. $60 for xbox live, and $10 per month. So if this were true that price should drop by $60.

Angelus (on 31 July 2020)

Or they can simply compensate by offering GamePass Ultimate subscribers extra perks for their money.

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Bandorr (on 31 July 2020)

$60 worth of extra perks? I guess they can move the "free" games from XBL to game pass. More discounts. Maybe some how make one of the gamepass games "cheaper" to buy every month?

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shikamaru317 (on 31 July 2020)

Gamepass Ultimate has several benefits besides Gold included with it though. Gamepass Ultimate will soon have xCloud as part of it. Gamepass PC is bundled with it (so you have Gamepass on both Xbox and PC). I could see them adding more benefits as well if Gold is scrapped, like earlier access to 3rd party gamepass games, or some 1st/2nd party DLC included with it.

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SanAndreasX (on 31 July 2020)

Does not computer. Live subscriptions have been only thing that have kept the Xbox division from hemorrhaging red ink.

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ClassicGamingWizzz (on 31 July 2020)

This would BE great but this cunt does anything for attention. I hope its true and this forces Sony to do it too.

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