Xbox Series X Power Allows The Medium Devs to Create the Game They Have Always Envisioned

Xbox Series X Power Allows The Medium Devs to Create the Game They Have Always Envisioned - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 July 2020 / 729 Views

Bloober Team in May of this year announced psychological horror game, The Medium, for Xbox Series X and Windows PC via Steam

Jacek Zięba, Producer at Bloober Team, discussed with Xbox Wire the game and how the Xbox Series X helps them create the game they have envisioned.

"The simple answer is that thanks to the next-generation hardware, we can realize our vision for The Medium at all," said Zięba when asked about what excited the team the most about developing a game for the next generation. "Of course, theoretically, you could rescope any game idea, but in our case it would mean completely changing the core game features.

"Thanks to the power of Xbox Series X, we can develop the game the way we have always envisioned it. I’m not talking only about graphics, although certainly it helps create an immersive and disturbing atmosphere, but also about gameplay."

Zięba added that he is excited for the SSD in the Xbox Series X as it will allow for much faster load times, as they are using it to help keep players immersed in the game. 

"The SSD and how it allows for no noticeable loading times is certainly a big deal for us. Thanks to it, you can create a more cinematic and atmospheric experience, and keep the player immersed in the game – with no immersion-breaking loading screens.

"Also, the sheer power of the CPU and GPU lets you go a bit crazy with your gameplay ideas, and we believe the new hardware will quickly change how games are being designed."

"We’re putting a lot of effort into creating a heavy, disturbing atmosphere in the game," Zięba added. "We’re using a variety of means to immerse the player into both our worlds, including music and environment, and thanks to no loading screens these methods are so much more effective. Before, it was a bit of an uphill battle to keep the game immersive and cinematic despite obvious breaks, and now the next generation simply makes that problem go away."

Zięba says The Medium will support 4K resolution and DirectX Raytracking. "These are the features that fits our game and its genre the best. The 4K resolution helps us showcase the art style and environment of the real and the spirit world, while Ray-tracing will add to the atmosphere of the game. In other words, these features make the game’s strengths shine even brighter."

Xbox Series X Power Allows The Medium Devs to Create the Game They Have Always Envisioned

While many games announced for next generation will also be getting released on the current generation, The Medium will only be getting released on the next generation. 

"It’s really exciting to be one of the first studios developing for Xbox Series X," said Zięba. "This is truly a great piece of hardware, one that enables us to realize our vision of the game without compromises. I can’t wait for the fans to see what the console is really capable of."

"We’re heavily using the CPU and GPU for the interactions between the real world and the spirit world," Zięba added. "We have still much to reveal about The Medium, including one of our core gameplay features. The marketing team will kill me if I say too much too soon, but we’re using the extra power to really push what’s possible gameplay-wise on the next generation, and I simply can’t wait for players’ reactions."

"As in the example with loading times, the next generation removes obstacles that until now consumed development time and resources," concluded Zięba. "Now developers can devote more attention to creative gameplay. I also strongly believe that as we see more games developed specifically for the new generation, genuine breakthroughs and innovations will shortly follow."

The Medium will launch for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and PC in Holiday 2020.

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EspadaGrim (on 02 July 2020)

Very excited for this game, still have to see gameplay though.

Loneken (on 02 July 2020)

Me too. Remind me of the clasic Silent Hill games.

  • +2
DonFerrari (on 02 July 2020)

Yep. And I'm even more excited for the possibilities.
I didn't like the gameplay of the first game on Xbox May presentation, but for a game a single person made it looked beyond fantastic.

  • +2
DonFerrari (on 02 July 2020)

That is something that is very good. I have seem medium and it looks good, some Indie titles on PS5 review also look so great for the size of the dev. This could even bring back A and AA games back to the table without looking severely lower than AAA.