Sega Announces Game Gear Micro [Update]

Sega Announces Game Gear Micro [Update] - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 June 2020 / 2,611 Views


Sega has officially unveiled the Game Gear Mini. There are four color variations and each one includes four different games. It will launch in Japan on October 6th, the 30th anniversary of the release of the original handheld, with a price of 4,980 yen (~$46 USD)

The size of the Game Gear Mini is 80 mm wide x 43 mm high x 20 mm deep, which is less than 40 percent the size of the original Game Gear. The screen is about one inch in size. 

Franchises with games included in the Game Gear Mini includes Sonic, Puyo Puyotsu, Shining Force, and Megami Tensei.

View the announcement trailer below:

Here are the list of games included in each color variant:


  • Out Run
  • Puyo Puyo Tsu
  • Royal Stone
  • Sonic the Hedgehog


  • Baku Baku Animal: Sekai Shiikugakari Senshuken
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • Sonic & Tails
  • Sylvan Tale


  • Nazo Puyo: Arle no Roux
  • Shining Force
  • Shining Force II
  • Shining Force: Final Conflict


  • Columns
  • The G.G. Shinobi
  • Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible
  • Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special

Original article:

Sega has announced a miniature version of its 1990-released handheld the Game Gear, called the Game Gear Micro. This is in celebration of Sega's 60th anniversary. 

More information on the Game Gear Micro will be released on June 3 at 13:00 JST, according to the teaser website.

It was reported the below image was spotted in the source code of the teaser website before it was removed. It mentions a release date of October 6 and a price of 4,980 yen (~$46 USD) for Japan with available colors in black, blue, yellow, and red. 

Thanks Gematsu via Ch3Cooh.

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shikamaru317 (on 02 June 2020)

This may be the worst idea ever. Who wants to game on a 2 inch screen? I seriously can't believe this was what was hyped up by the tech journalist, who said that it would shake up the industry, and that his scoop was equivalent to Wired announcing the PS5. Way to kill your credibility as a journalist buddy.

trunkswd (on 02 June 2020)

Yeah what even is this? It is way too small. It is pretty much just another classic console, except this one is based on a portable.

  • 0
mjk45 (on 03 June 2020)

He most likely saw it and decided it was so underwhelming he would use it to troll all those rumor news we have been getting or has is more likely he's an idiot.

  • 0
SuperNintend0rk (on 03 June 2020)

It actually only has a 1 inch screen. 2 inches would be a fairly decent size compared to this thing lol

  • +7
bartkuz (on 03 June 2020)

I see this more as a collector's item than a console for gaming. I can see myself buying one for nostalgia. Game Gear was the first handheld I got my hands on.

  • +1
SecondWar (on 03 June 2020)

It seems there is a bundle pack available for $250 that comes with a screen enlarger. However as the consoles are $50 individually it would mean you're also paying $50 for the enlarger itself, which seems ridiculous.

  • +3
Darwinianevolution (on 03 June 2020)

What is this, a console for ants?

Mandalore76 (on 03 June 2020)

Captain America: "I got that reference!"

  • +1
Slownenberg (on 03 June 2020)

haha Darwin you win comment of the day

  • +2
SKMBlake (on 02 June 2020)

Welp, that was underwhelming

trunkswd (on 02 June 2020)

Some megaton announcement. I preferred the rumor of the Sega Series X.

  • +1
Ljink96 (on 02 June 2020)

Why the hell are they even doing this? How can you even see what you're doing!? Talk about cramp city.

xMetroid (on 03 June 2020)

For 10$ i could see this being fun. You can play it at school or wathever. But 50$ ? You can find a 2DS for that price...

Bandorr (on 02 June 2020)

Is this the big sega rumor? I was actually a big game gear fan. Give me a game gear classic, portable etc and I may be in.

VAMatt (on 03 June 2020)

These need to sell for $9.99. I can't see many selling at $46. I damn sure won't be buying one.

VAMatt (on 03 June 2020)

Gonna need one of those clip on screen magnifying things that people used on the original Game Gear.

Salnax (on 03 June 2020)

They could include all 16 games on every system and this would still be underwhelming.

JWeinCom (on 02 June 2020)

I like it. It's a cute little novelty product. If it has a decent set of games, I could see buying one.

Salnax (on 03 June 2020)


  • 0
SanAndreasX (on 03 June 2020)

I'd buy the one that has Shining Force I and II just as a novelty.

  • 0
COKTOE (on 02 June 2020)

Pfft. Needs to be smaller. Too half-assed to be appealing. Either make it a choking hazard or GTFOH.

Signalstar (on 02 June 2020)

At least one company is still making announcements.

OTBWY (on 03 June 2020)

50 dollars each... ouch.

thismeintiel (on 02 June 2020)

What the hell? Why not make one that's the same size as the old one. Maybe just thinner with a slightly bigger screen. The improvements to the screen quality and battery life would have made it worth it.

JWeinCom (on 03 June 2020)

If they're going to do a game gear retro console, it has to be portable to get the nostalgia going. At the same time, nobody is going to carry around a device just to play old gamegear games unless it's REALLY easy to carry it, and it's not going to take up much pocket space.

This definitely isn't going to be the best way to play Gamegear games. It's all about the novelty and nostalgia.

  • +1
Hynad (on 02 June 2020)

So the "shaking the industry" thing was making a rather bulky portable console into a key chain ornament...

BraLoD (on 04 June 2020)

Wasted opportunity, very badly executed. Make the Master System a better one please.

Slownenberg (on 03 June 2020)

This has got to be the dumbest business decision I've ever heard of. Literally zero people want to play a 1 inch screen. Reading this for a second I thought to myself "is it April's Fools day?" Then I remembered its June. Was this seriously what that article last week or whatever was saying as a huge hardware announcement from Sega???

SanAndreasX (on 04 June 2020)

You must have missed the Saturn's surprise launch at $400 during E3 '95.

  • 0
Kanemaru (on 03 June 2020)

Who can come up with this idea? Who can validate this idea? Who can think anybody can like this idea? No, it must be a prank...

OlfinBedwere (on 03 June 2020)

Okay, clearly someone in Sega's engineering department had a drunken bet going on as to whether they could make something worse than AtGames.

Bofferbrauer2 (on 03 June 2020)

They should have kept it at around the original size and just made it thinner, not smaller. Then this could have been a hit, but not like this! Also, wtf does each color has it's own, very small game selection? That just doesn't make any sense at all!

carlos3189 (on 03 June 2020)

This is the proof of why SEGA isn't ready to make hardware... Still like them. 😊

Ryotsu (on 03 June 2020)

Epic Fail

JRPGfan (on 03 June 2020)

The price is just barely acceptable for what your getting. This was the big reveal that journalist hinted at? Thats super dissapointing lol.

SanAndreasX (on 03 June 2020)

I think the big announcement was that cloud or "fog" arcade system.

  • 0
mjk45 (on 03 June 2020)

Wow didn't take them long to make a series x slim model ,must be like the tardis to fit in all that AMD tech inside a postage stamp

Amnesia (on 03 June 2020)

46 $

greencactaur (on 03 June 2020)

I hope this isn't the big news lol.

finalrpgfantasy (on 02 June 2020)

This is the revolutionary tech?

HollyGamer (on 02 June 2020)

LMAO ,i guess the dream of having Sega bought by Micorosft is just a crazy dream.

SanAndreasX (on 03 June 2020)

That would suck, honestly. Not only another Japanese company screwed by getting in bed with Microsoft (they left a lot of financial devastation in their wake in the mid 00s by moneyhatting all those Japanese 360 exclusives, most notably Tales of Vesperia), but that would tie an awful lot of IP like Sonic, Yakuza, Valkyria, and SMT/Persona to the Xbox, where there isn't a market for it.

  • +1
HollyGamer (on 03 June 2020)

Agree, Xbox is just to far from Japanese Market . It would be a disaster for Sega and Micorosft

  • +1