PS5 DualSense Controller Will 'Maintain A Strong Battery Life'

PS5 DualSense Controller Will 'Maintain A Strong Battery Life' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 May 2020 / 1,472 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment yesterday unveiled the PlayStation 5 controller, called the DualSense.

Senior vice president of platform planning and management Hideaki Nishino in the announcement post on the PlayStation Blog said Sony took into consideration ways to maintain a good battery life for the controller, as the controller will be using a rechargeable battery. 

"We also took thoughtful consideration into ways to maintain a strong battery life for DualSense’s rechargeable battery, and to lessen the weight of the controller as much as possible as new features were added," said Nishino.

This hopefully means Sony has taken the feedback about the battery life in the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller and improved upon it or at the minimum kept the battery life of the DualSense controller the same. 

The PlayStation 5 will launch in Holiday 2020.

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VAMatt (on 08 April 2020)

If they improved the battery life, they would just say "improved battery life". Talking around the subject tells us that the battery life is unlikely to be better than the DS4.

EricHiggin (on 09 April 2020)

If the added features are really that immersing, then using those extra features is likely to use up more battery life, even if those additions are as efficient as they can be for now. Odds are a bigger battery would be used to make sure when those features are being put to use, you end up with the same level of play time as with the DS4. Now I would assume, based on that, as you turn off those features, you'll get longer battery life as a bonus. How much more, who knows?

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Liquid_faction (on 08 April 2020)

Don't know why Sony engineers are struggling with this, have an option to turn off the stupid lights on the controller, it's literally useless.

KratosLives (on 09 April 2020)

I agree, still don't know what it's for

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Sogreblute (on 08 April 2020)

I'll believe it when I see it.

KratosLives (on 09 April 2020)

I love how they are doing a slow reveal. First a talk, then the controller, then console. Maybe some other peripherals along the way.

S.Peelman (on 09 April 2020)

It better. The DS4 is already dead before I even start a game. I don't think I've ever played a game with a full controller.

KratosLives (on 09 April 2020)

Only on my wii u pro, that thing lasted for hours and hours.

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KratosLives (on 09 April 2020)

Only on my wii u pro, that thing lasted for hours and hours.

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Zoombael (on 09 April 2020)

Good news for all the lonely housewives amongst us.

Nuvendil (on 09 April 2020)

I'm sure it will be better than the old controllers that had to deal with those old fashioned rumble motors, but I'm doubtful it will match the Xbox One controller, much less the Switch Pro.

Cerebralbore101 (on 08 April 2020)

I don't understand how Sony engineers fail at such a simple concept as good battery life. Meanwhile Nintendo engineers can't make a Joycon sized stick that doesn't drift, when Sony mastered this on PSP 16 years ago?

DonFerrari (on 08 April 2020)

Shall we understand "maintain strong battery life" as meaning they consider DS4 a strong battery life and are keeping that?

deskpro2k3 (on 08 April 2020)

What kind of Nonsense is this!?? JK JK!

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Azzanation (on 08 April 2020)

I am more curious as to if the DuelSense controllers will be adding low latency inputs like the serious X controllers, because as much as the features sound very good, low latency input is quite important especially for heavy MP games.

Hynad (on 08 April 2020)

How to make an issue out of nothing.

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Azzanation (on 08 April 2020)

You can always improve latenecy.

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