Cosmic-Horror FPS Quantum Error Announced for PS5 and PS4

Cosmic-Horror FPS Quantum Error Announced for PS5 and PS4 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 April 2020 / 1,436 Views

Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris developer TeamKill Media has announced "cosmic-horror" first-person shooter, Quantum Error, for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Visit the official website for the game here.

View the teaser trailer of the game below:

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Azzanation (on 29 March 2020)

Original, looks quite good.

CGI-Quality (on 28 March 2020)

Interest piqued.

Quartz (on 30 March 2020)

When I heard that radio I was thinking Silent Hill, then when the game started I was thinking Dead Space in first person. I wonder if the game will go for true tension or just full on action...

NextGen_Gamer (on 30 March 2020)

Not sure why VG Chartz didn't mention this in the article, but the dev team has confirmed it is targeting native 4K/60fps with full ray-tracing for lighting on the PS5 version.

trunkswd (on 28 March 2020)

It like one interesting enough to keep an eye on with it's theme.

Pemalite (on 28 March 2020)

Anyone who wears PBI Gold, knows how uncomfortable it is unless it's -20'C, totally unrealistic wearing it as daily wear. Haha The material shaders need some work, as does the water effects, feel like it's a lower-budget title, which is fine. Basically just firefighters with a shotgun in a horror setting, I'm keen.