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Nintendo ships 100 millionth portable Nintendo DS system - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 11 March 2009 / 17,608 Views

See press release below:

March 11, 2009 - Somewhere - perhaps in Paris, maybe in Chicago, possibly in Tokyo - the 100 millionth system in the Nintendo DS™ franchise has been shipped to a retailer or distributor as of March 6th 2009.  The combined total sales of 100 million Nintendo DS systems, Nintendo DS Lite systems and Nintendo DSi systems represent a significant milestone in the life of this franchise, which is still going strong.

Since the original Nintendo DS launched in early 2005 in Europe, its dual screens, touch screen and voice-recognition capabilities ushered in an era of new experiences not previously possible on portable systems. The successor, Nintendo DS Lite, launched with a slimmer, trimmer look.

The third iteration of the Nintendo DS hardware, Nintendo DSi, launches in Europe on 3rd April. Nintendo DSi includes two cameras and the ability to record, manipulate and play sound files, and will allow consumers to personalise their very own Nintendo DSi experiences. It will again transform the way people access, experience, create and share portable content.

From the beginning, consumers around the world responded to the novel software options available on Nintendo DS and this is reflected by the fact that as of the end of December 2008, there were 83 Nintendo DS titles, the global shipment of which exceeded 1 million, and seven of them topped the 10 million shipment figure.  . Experiences like Nintendogs and the Brain Training series began a paradigm shift for the industry, as video games grew beyond the traditional audience of young men to include girls, adult men and women - and even seniors. Traditional games like New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart DS keep people coming back for more. Nintendo DS games demonstrate an "evergreen" quality: They frequently remain in the top-selling lists, months - or even years - after their launch. The system continues to expand into new territory with titles such as Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What To Eat? and Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine?

Nintendo DS fast facts:

Nintendo DS launch
Nov. 21, 2004, in North America
Dec. 2, 2004, in Japan
March 11, 2005, in Europe

Nintendo DS Lite launch
March 2, 2006, in Japan
June 11, 2006, in North America
June 23, 2006, in Europe

Nintendo DSi launch
Nov. 1, 2008, in Japan
April 3, 2009, in Europe
April 5, 2009, in North America


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Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 12 March 2009)

Wow, DS is quite the money maker even though it has the worst graphics this gen overall all current systems.

Well played nintendo. the DS has my respect.

As for the Wii? Never...

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MasterZack (on 12 March 2009)

Congratulations DS!!

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Infamy79 (on 11 March 2009)

100 million in UNDER 4 years, that's very impressive
What is scary is that Wii is still tracking almost 25% higher than the DS at the same point since launch

  • 0
kazenolalala (on 11 March 2009)


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Kenryoku_Maxis (on 11 March 2009)

While the consoles keep slugging away, the DS just keeps outselling them all combined.

Really doubt it'll ever see negative growth until the next DS successor comes out. Especially with Dragon Quest, Pokemon and Mario games all holding it up. Not to mention the 'casual' games like Brain Age, Cooking Mama, Nintendogs and such which have proven quite successful.

  • 0
Norfliver (on 11 March 2009)

Yeah, i'm one of those !

  • 0
arsenal009 (on 11 March 2009)

Yay, DS ftw!

  • 0
shinyuhadouken (on 11 March 2009)

nice...happy for nintendo.

  • 0
DSLover (on 11 March 2009)

This is great news. I remember when Nintendo said that (this was back in 2007 I think, maybe 2006) 40 million was its original lifetime goal. They certainly beat that.

  • 0
atma998 (on 11 March 2009)

Great! It should pass the PS2 next christmas if not it will be in early 2010.

  • 0
Cheebee (on 11 March 2009)


  • 0
11ht11 (on 11 March 2009)


also check out this thread (y)

  • 0
shams (on 11 March 2009)

Nice work, it hasn't even got close to slowing down either. I wouldn't be shocked if this hits 200m before the DS stops selling.

  • 0
Punisher (on 11 March 2009)

Yay, keep 'em coming.

  • 0
tyu (on 11 March 2009)

Yeah !
NSMB 2 when ?

  • 0
sethnintendo (on 11 March 2009)

I'll probably buy a DS lite when the price drops to 100 after the DSi is released in USA. I don't care for DSi because I want a GBA slot. I probably should have never sold my DS games and DS original.

  • 0
ZuZayLi (on 11 March 2009)

That's a totally Touchdown from DS... Yaaa-Haaa!!

  • 0
PowerOn (on 11 March 2009)

Cheer for Nintendo! I await for DSi release to get one. Since mine DS phat have cracked.

  • 0
SleepWaking (on 11 March 2009)

In my top 3 best systems of all time

  • 0
megaman79 (on 11 March 2009)

@Smeags, it matters if these games are things like Castlevania etc.

  • 0
tehsage (on 11 March 2009)

Good job DS! Continue on to be the best selling handheld-console ever!

  • 0
Maynard_Tool (on 11 March 2009)

now let's go for 150!!!!!

  • 0
BTFeather55 (on 11 March 2009)

I never had an original gb or even a gbc. I got my gba when the nes classic series came out.

  • 0
PSaiki (on 11 March 2009)

And I still don't hav one............. _ snif

  • 0
Paperdiego (on 11 March 2009)

nintendo stole my thunder.. how dare they.
i was going to post this

great job. love me some DS

  • 0
TWRoO (on 11 March 2009)

I didn't realise the DSlite launched in Australia before America and Europe.

  • 0
Smeags (on 11 March 2009)

Hrm... I wonder what 13 games VGC is missing (DS had 70 one million + sellers accounted for on the Chartz)? The world may never know! :-P

  • 0
NintendoMan (on 11 March 2009)

Well done Nintendo DS. Here's to the next 100.

  • 0
mai (on 11 March 2009)

Salute DS.

Ninty expecting to sell 150M lifetime in US\EU\JP combined +Others gives around ~180M DS lifetime. I'd say 200M a little bit too high, 180M plausible, 150M is a given.

  • 0
BTFeather55 (on 11 March 2009)

I might be getting one soon.

  • 0
WiiStation360 (on 11 March 2009)

I wonder if it makes it to 200M?

  • 0
Gamerace (on 11 March 2009)

Congrats to Nintendo. Quite an accomplishment.

  • 0
almajovem (on 11 March 2009)

Men, pass ps2 soon

  • 0
Louie (on 11 March 2009)

Eh... and I was looking forward to writing the press release... great :-(

  • 0
Pretendo (on 11 March 2009)


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