Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III 'Still have a Way to Go'

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III 'Still have a Way to Go' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 January 2017 / 7,581 Views

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts IIIhas provided an update on the development status for both games in the latest issue of Famitsu.

When asked about Kingdom Hearts III Nomura said, "While I can’t make a sweeping statement because the development process is different from what we’ve done so far, there are still worlds untouched. Production is progressing on unannounced worlds, in a state that we cannot show them off. In terms of the state of development, there is still some way to go."

When asked about Final Fantasy VII Remake Nomura said, "We’re steadily progressing on production. While we are making them, I apologize that the wait will be be a bit longer for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. I am very sorry, but to that degree I will make a game that will meet your expectations.

"Last year, I didn’t put out much information on either title, but this year I want to show our progress at an event somewhere. The release of the titles themselves have still have a way to go. But there are many titles releasing this year, if you can wait for any ‘surprises.'"

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UltimateGamer1982 (on 10 January 2017)

PS5 titles here we come.

weaveworld (on 10 January 2017)

Doesn't matter. DQ11 is on it's way!

Harkins1721 (on 10 January 2017)

Have patience people. There are plenty of games to play to hold you over.

Mystro-Sama (on 10 January 2017)

WTF!? I thought KH3 was almost done.

KLAMarine (on 10 January 2017)

Why announce them then when they're far away from release?

Harkins1721 (on 10 January 2017)

Because SE does this. Nomura has stated this many times in interviews. Hes a perfectionist. He likes things at a high level.

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AngryLittleAlchemist (on 10 January 2017)

I haven't really played any Square Enix game(besides a little bit of Final Fantasy 7 and Deus Ex) but this guy sounds like a great developer, the right developer. And i'm excited for these projects as a newcomer to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I'm ok with waiting :)

Firefoxie (on 10 January 2017)

If the Remake is anything like FFXV I'd rather they didn't finish it.

Zkuq (on 10 January 2017)

Out of curiosity: Did you think the game was bad, or did it only fail to meet your expectations?

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