Harmonix Cancels PC Version Rock Band 4 After Crowdfunding Campaign Fails

Harmonix Cancels PC Version Rock Band 4 After Crowdfunding Campaign Fails - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 April 2016 / 5,229 Views

Developer Harmonix has announced it has cancelled the PC version of Rock Band 4 after the FIG crowdfunding campaign failed.

The team is disappointed, however, they have learned that as an independent developer they are unable to take such large risks.


Many people have asked Harmonix why they have started a new project before finishing the work on Rock Band 4. The developer has a team dedicated on upgrading and improving Rock Band 4.

"We have a large team dedicated to upgrading and improving RB4, and we’re releasing free monthly updates, stabilizing the game, and adding features that you’ve requested," said the developer in an update on the FIG crowdfunding page. "To be absolutely clear, this campaign has had ZERO impact on Rock Band 4 development. Nord and Henrik were assigned to the Fig campaign and were not on the RB4 team when it started. The community team supports Harmonix as a whole, and is not assigned specifically to Rock Band 4."


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Sixteenvolt420 (on 07 April 2016)

Nobody gives a crap about Rock Band anymore.

aLkaLiNE (on 07 April 2016)

A game like rock band doesn't need to sell millions of copies when you have a core user base that disproportionately spends more on DLC than probably any other AAA game, ever. Take a peek at this ~

I personally have spent in the neighborhood of $1500 on hardware, software and DLC for the franchise and I know there are gang busters of people that have spent much more.

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Chazore (on 07 April 2016)

1.5m was a lot of money to ask for on a project support site that is hardly known let alone used as much as say Kickstarter.

DivinePaladin (on 07 April 2016)

The same project site where people backed $3.8 million to Tim Schafer of all people?

That's not exactly the best excuse here. Simple matter is not enough people would care for RB4 on PC, even if mod support would be INSANE for that community.

Fig is incredibly sketchy though, so that'd be a far better argument to make here - I don't trust any crowdfunding site that spams my Facebook with ads and paid shares.

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Chazore (on 07 April 2016)

Different story I'm seeing around the net, most people don't even know what Fig is let alone how popular it is compared to KS.

It would be very easy to say that for practically every game that didn't meet it's goal which in turn feels like a cop-out excuse, 1.5m on a project site not known or trusted by absolutely everyone in the industry along with a basic port is asking for a lot like it or not.

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DivinePaladin (on 07 April 2016)

When did I say I liked it? I'm just saying you're boiling it down to one factor when you blame Fig alone, because Fig isn't the problem here. I don't believe any method would have garnered $1.5 million for a PC port because the music genre of games is essentially dead, especially the peripheral kind. Even a developer as trustworthy as Harmonix had no chance here on that project!

Plus, with all the money that Fig put into pushing the donations for Psychonauts 2 on Facebook, I'm more than certain most of the people you mention have heard about it - they just forgot because Fig is immediately associated with "scam" after pulling that Facebook ad crap.

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Chazore (on 07 April 2016)

Didn't say you liked it, I said like it or not as in whether or not "you want to accept it or not". You're also boiling it down to a single factor besides myself boiling it down to two, asking for a lot of money for something so basic (as in for 1.5m there is nothing major to set it apart for that much money) and another to host the pitch on a site that's hardly known by everyone let alone trusted, also we could add in a third factor being that they simply decided to pitch to another platform at a later time that resulted in less backers, especially when you treat the platform as a last resort to pitch to.

They simply asked for too much money for a basic port job at a later time on another backing site that isn't used more than KS is, that's the basic look on the whole deal they've been trying to sell. There are still places to buy peripherals, plenty of M+K's that go for £60-£100 and people buy them in enough numbers to be viable enough for them to exist, issue with Harmonix is the peripherals would only work with their game that they also happened to ask a lot of money for, at least the other peripherals like M+K let alone gamepad and joystick can be used for all sorts of games and other sorts of software.

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DivinePaladin (on 07 April 2016)

I guess Fig being sketchy, the lack of interest in a PC port, and music games being dead is one reason? Okay lol, let's roll with it.

When your first comment blames Fig's lack of visibility alone, don't say you're discussing multiple factors. My whole point was when you focus on that, when a smaller studio pushed a cash-in project well over double that price point, you can't blame visibility. I'm not getting where the hostile/argumentative responses are coming from, because literally my point was that you can't say "oh, Fig's small" and move on if you're gonna discuss why this failed. I could go into a myriad of other reasons on top of those listed, such as RB4 having low visibility itself, or misconceptions about RB4's peripherals and compatability, et alia res, but that was never my initial point - it was that brushing something like this off in one phrase hat have a major contradiction isn't the best way to brush it off lol. (Especially if you knew about Psychonauts 2, and your responses seem to imply you did.)

Anyway, carry on your internetting!

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DivinePaladin (on 07 April 2016)

I mean that in the "this conversation is stupid, let's move on!" sense, not a condescending sense, for the record. Realized after posting it may come off as the latter lol

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Chazore (on 07 April 2016)

If Fig is so big and recognizable then why isn't it being used as much as Kickstarter let alone making headlines per project like KS is?.

My focus is on the fact that they are asking for 1.5m which is asking for a lot of money for a basic port job, the part of it being on fig isn't helping them either, but we could just as easily sum it up to being the users alone as the problem to why it failed rather than those who made the pitch.

You don't come off as condescending btw, I just don't see it the way you do.

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aLkaLiNE (on 07 April 2016)

Youre trying to start an argument that you aren't educated in Chazore. Lots of errors I found between both of your posts. First, since the inception of rock band they have always allowed third party peripherals going so far as to support even their main competition, guitar heroes instruments. That is still true with RB4. In fact, nearly every 7th gen instrument is forward compatible with RB4. Second, the PC version isn't simply a port, it adds Rocl Band Network back into the mix which is a really big selling point for the rhythm community. You also don't understand that these songs need to be re licensed for each platform. There's over 2,000 songs available on disc or as DLC for Rock Band. Asking 1.5 million to cover these costs is not unreasonable what so ever, it's actually quite cheap. Most importantly the biggest reason this game couldn't meet its crowdfunding goals for PC is simply because the market on PC is nearly non existent for this genre, as the franchise was spawned on console both for rock band and guitar hero. The first game to come to PC was Gh3 and the only reason that was even relevent on that platform was because of how easy it was to make your own custom songs through popular hacks. Whether this was on fig, Kickstarter or any alternative probably would not have made a major difference. The players that still play these games are rabid, but mostly on console. That's where the top players have always played.

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Chazore (on 07 April 2016)

Whatever takes your fancy.

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maxleresistant (on 07 April 2016)

And it wasn't for a game. It was for a port of a game.
They could have easily get 1.5mil for a new rockband. But no way people were giving that for just getting it ported to PC

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