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Rumor: PS4K to have GPU that is Twice as Fast, Launch with God of War 4

Rumor: PS4K to have GPU that is Twice as Fast, Launch with God of War 4 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 April 2016 / 9,700 Views

There have been rumors about Sony releasing an upgraded PlayStation 4, called the PlayStation 4K, and another rumor has surfaced. NeoGAF user OsirisBlack said he was in a meeting earlier this week and has some information on the new PlayStation 4.

The rumor states the price is currently $399.99 for the PlayStation 4K, however, a better CPU is in discussion which would raise the price to $499.99. There is also no plan for a trade-in program for current PlayStation 4 owners.

The GPU will be twice as powerful as the current PlayStation 4. It runs at a higher clock speed, despite being much smaller than the original. It will also have a 4K blu-ray player and upscale games that are not natively 4K.

The PlayStation 4K will launch with God of War 4 and Deep Down.


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CartBlanche (on 01 April 2016)

The cheapest win here is to just add an upscaling chip. There is no need to put in different GPU as such. Just upscale everything the current GPU does to 4K display.
That means the image will be softer due to the scaling artefacts, but it wouldn't split the gamer base.

  • +3
peterdavid12345 (on 01 April 2016)

PlayStation 4K should be an ADD-ON device to the original PS4 to boost it power. Make it a stand alone will divide the PlayStation audience which can create confusion and trouble.

  • +2
Stoneysilence peterdavid12345 (on 01 April 2016)

Ok... that sounds nice but how would they do that? USB 2 ports are too slow. And is there "confusion and trouble" with the iPhone or New Nintendo 3DS? No there will just be those who get mad because they bought early and don't have the latest shiny but tech marches on and consoles have to evolve. Your console is now like an iPhone, probably will be upgraded every 2-4 years and will be supported for awhile until practically nobody is using the oldest one anyway.

  • 0

I don't know, but im eager to find out. I hope it's an ADD-ON. Cuz if it isnt, then ofc i would be pretty angry.

  • 0
barneystinson69 (on 01 April 2016)

Seems unlikely. I think it'll just have a 4k blu-ray player, and be slimmed down a bit.

  • +2
xl-klaudkil barneystinson69 (on 01 April 2016)


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CartBlanche barneystinson69 (on 01 April 2016)

As mentioned above the cheapest win here is to just add an upscaling chip with the 4k blu-ray. Win for gamers and movie watchers and doesn't split the gamer base.

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kooltrex (on 01 April 2016)

Please dont have exclusive games for the PS4K

  • +1
Stoneysilence (on 01 April 2016)

I doubt the double GPU statement. I mean it is possible but that would make a pretty big gap between current PS4 users and the systems.

  • +1
ZahaDoom (on 01 April 2016)

Oh great another Rumor article, can I write one?

RUMOR: Microsoft to shut down Xbox Division

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