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Lucas Joins Super Smash Bros. on June 14th

Lucas Joins Super Smash Bros. on June 14th - News

by Jared Katz , posted on 05 June 2015 / 2,954 Views

Lucas from the Mother/Earthbound franchise will be joining Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U on June 14th. He will cost $3.99/£3.59 on a single platform, or $4.99/£4.49 for both the 3DS and Wii U.


It's also been confirmed that players will be getting the free Miiverse Stage that day, as well as a Splatoon hat and outfit for the Mii Fighter. It's not been confirmed whether or not the latter of the two is paid DLC.

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LMU Uncle Alfred (on 05 June 2015)

I would trade so many of the characters on the current roster for Snake.

  • +2
SirFortesque (on 05 June 2015)

No thanks, I already have Ness.

  • 0
IamAwsome (on 05 June 2015)

Should have saved this for E3.

  • 0
FujiokaMidori (on 05 June 2015)

Another Mewtwo?
I mean, he's a clone.

  • -1