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Wii U Sales Top 8 Million Worldwide - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 December 2014 / 24,518 Views

Nintendo's 8th generation home console, the Wii U, has seen a boost in sales in recent weeks due to the holiday season as well as the success of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The game has nearly sold two million units worldwide.

The Wii U has now sold more than eight million units worldwide, with sales of 8.22 million units. The console hit this milestone for the week ending December 13, 2014, where it ended up selling 220,529 units.


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PixelPerfect (on 27 December 2014)

At least now, Nintendo is making a profit with the Wii U. With all of the great games coming out next year I hope that they can keep the momentum going.

  • +2
Paatar (on 28 December 2014)

So in this it says 8.22, yet on "Platform totals" they show 8.02... .-.

  • +1
NoirSon (on 27 December 2014)

Good but now that their major multiplayer guns have been fired, I hope Nintendo can keep the momentum heading into 2015, with releases like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon and a Wii U Star Fox game that doesn't suck.

  • +1
Frogger NoirSon (on 28 December 2014)

I wouldn't be so confident about Star Fox.

  • 0
Kallumsmarties (on 27 December 2014)

Glad to hear it. It's nice to see that the Wii U is doing much better rather than worse, even if it never catches up to other consoles. Good on Nintendo.

  • +1
Yafea (on 30 December 2014)

10 millions is the next stop. Maybe between 4-6 months from now.

  • 0
KazumaKiryu (on 28 December 2014)

i was a nintendo fan, but i buy a ps4. sorry, the wii u is boring for me, nintendo. : (

  • 0
ExplodingBlock KazumaKiryu (on 28 December 2014)

fuck u 2

  • +1
kdognumba1 (on 27 December 2014)

It's good to see the WiiU selling as well as it is. The Smash Bros and Mario Kart bump seems to be helping. I really do hope they can maintain momentum through 2015. They have a pretty strong lineup of exclusives in 2015 that look fantastic. I'm also hoping to see some features added to the OS, specifically revolving around their online, in 2015 before some of these online games like Splatoon, Devil's Third, and Xenoblade Chronicles X drop, such as game invites, on screen notifications, etc. I think adding some more user friendly features revolving around online could help when they start having games with more heavy online elements come out, not to mention they could help previous games such as Smash Bros and Mario Kart out as well.

  • 0
atoker (on 27 December 2014)

Awesome! Mk8/Smash Bros really gave this console a boost and with all the new games and proper advertising, things look good for the Wii U.

  • 0
TheJimbo1234 atoker (on 27 December 2014)

Awesome? Those figures are worst than the Dreamcast.

  • +1
nanarchy atoker (on 30 December 2014)

While I would really like to see Nintendo doing well, Mk8 gave them a decent short lived boost, Smash Bros though was dismal to say the least. I hope next year brings better success for Nintendo but I won't be holding my breath.

  • 0
EyeAmTJ (on 30 December 2014)

only took 2 years LOL

  • -1